Open App Dialog

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1 Introduction

Use this dialog box to open apps. Apps can be located on the Team Server, on another SVN server, or on the local disk. When opening an app from the Team Server or another SVN server, the Desktop Modeler will check whether you have already downloaded this app. If so, it will simply open it. If not, the app will be downloaded from the version control server first.

2 Location

Use this setting to select the location where your app is stored. This can be the Team Server, an SVN server other than the Team Server, or a local disk. An app on disk can also be stored in the Team Server or another SVN server, in which case there is no difference in opening it using the Team Server/Other SVN server option and selecting the file on disk.

2.1 Mendix Team Server

From the list select the Team Server app you wish to open, then choose the development line in which you want to start developing.

For more information about the Mendix Team Server, see Team Server.

For more information about development lines, see Version Control.

2.2 Other SVN Server

In the SVN repository address field, enter the address of the app you want to open and press the Connect button to load the development lines from the repository. Then choose the development line in which you want to start developing.

2.3 Locally on Disk

For opening an app you already have on disk, simply point to the project file.

3 Disk Location

If you already have the selected development line of the app on disk, you will see the message “You have this App on disk.” and the directory on disk where this app is located will be shown. If you do not have it yet, you can now choose the directory where you want to download the app to. If version control is enabled, the suggested name includes the name of the development line (main or the name of the branch line).