Select app service

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You can add an app service to your model by selecting a new App Service document in the Add menu of a module. In the dialog, you can select an app service from 3 sources:

  • Marketplace. The 9 most recent app service are displayed in a caroussel. Select one and press OK. If you want to see more details, press ‘Details’; you will be redirected to the Modeler App store.
  • File: Press ‘Select’ to import an Mendix Service Definition (MSD) file from disk.
  • Url: Enter a Url to download an MSD file from a location on the local network or on the internet.

Most recent app services

View all app services in the Marketplace

In the rightmost corner of the ‘Most recent app services overview’, you can select this link. When selected, it will open a page in the Modeler which shows you all apps available to you.


Selecting a tile and then selecting the OK button will import the app service for you in the modeler. See Consumed App Services for information about the use of imported app services.