Tab page

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General Properties


The caption defines the text that will be shown. The template can contain parameters that are written as a number between braces, e.g. {1}. The first parameter has number 1, the second 2 etcetera. Note that to use template parameters the widget must be placed in a context of an entity, e.g. inside a data view or list view. The parameters will be replaced by the values of the attributes.

Default tab page

The tab page with the property ‘Default page’ set to true will be open when the page is opened. If no tab page is the default page, the first tab page will be shown.

Default value: False

Refresh on show

This property indicates whether the contents of the tab page should be refreshed if the tab page is shown. It is true by default. Set this property to false if refreshing is an expensive operation or if you know that nothing will affect the information on the tab page.

Default value: True

Visibility Properties


By default, whether or not an element is displayed in the browser is determined by how the page is designed and the user’s roles within the application. However, the page can be configured to hide the element unless a certain condition is met.