XPath Tokens

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The following tokens are used in XPath queries:

Token Definition
// A XPath query always starts with the tokens //. These slashes are followed by the designation of the object that is being queried. For example, if you wish to retrieve all customers, the query would resemble the following: //Customers.
. The dot is used to separate module names from entity names. For example, if you wish to retrieve all the customers (objects) in the sales module, you would start the query with //Sales.Customer.
/ A slash is used whenever you want to start a new node. For example, //Sales.Customer/Sales.Customer_Order/Sales.Order. This query follows the path from the entity Customer to the entity Order over the association Customer_Order. A query can be expanded by slashes and nodes for as long as there are potential associations available in the domain model.
[ ] A constraint is always written between brackets. For example, //Sales.Customer[TotalAmount > 1000]. The attribute being constrained is TotalAmount, and the constraint is > 1000. Therefore, only customers who have spent more than € 1000 will be retrieved.
( ) Constraints can be grouped by parentheses. For more information, see XPath Constraints.