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Release date: December 1st, 2020

New Features

  • In an effort to reduce the amount of user clicks, ATS now shows the Most commonly used functions when the search dialog box is open for a test step. Use this to quickly select a function.
  • It is now possible to add comments in test cases and custom actions using the new Comment function. This function will be ignored during execution and only serves as a way to add more information to your tests.


  • The ATS favicon has been updated with the ATS logo. This should make it easier to make out ATS in the browser if there are multiple tabs open.
  • Test configuration no longer shows all settings by default. Only the most frequently changed settings are shown, and the rest are under a new Advanced toggle button.
  • We have added extra caching for function meta information. This should make editing test cases a bit faster.
  • The test case and action logs now show the time of execution in the same format and time zone to avoid confusion.
  • It is now possible to cancel a job from a logs page. The Run button is now replaced with a Cancel button if the test case/suite is still running. There is a known issue with this canceling, where the job might continue after canceling, and this is currently under investigation.
  • On the logs page, the Run button has been renamed to Rerun. The behavior of this button was also changed so that it runs the same test again with the same configuration. To run the test with a different configuration, a new button called Configure and rerun has been added as a drop-down menu option.
  • We have refactored the recording page in an effort to improve performance, especially when recording long test cases with many steps.


  • We fixed a bug where the recorder showed an error if too many events were recorded in a short span of time (usually caused by double/triple clicking). As a consequence, if many events are recorded in a short span of time, there might be a noticeable delay before the events appear in the recording screen. Let us know if this happens often.
  • A bug where schedules with a schedule time set in the past were set to disabled without a message has been fixed. Now, a message is corectly shown.
  • Due to a bug, it was not possible to download a recording from ATSelenium. This is now fixed.
  • We fixed a bug where the Get Visible Item/Row Count function returned the wrong result for a data grid. (CP 11186)
  • We investigated an issue concerning duplicate parameters in test steps. Additional checks were added to prevent this from happening in the future. (CP 11189)
  • A bug that caused the Run button to still be active for running test cases has been fixed. (CP 11307)