Beta Versions

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1 Introduction

Mendix releases Beta versions in two circumstances:

  • When a new product or product version is introduced and is made available to early adopters for assessment so that they can try new features of the product
  • When individual features are introduced within a non-Beta product which are, in principal, production-ready but are either subject to change or need to be reviewed by a broader audience

We release these Beta features and products to collect feedback on their implementation so that we can improve them. We value any feedback, as it enables us to provide you with the best possible product.

2 What Are Mendix Beta Products?

These are products which have new features that can be assessed and used by early-adopter developers. One example might be a new major version of Mendix Studio Pro. These products are released in Beta, as the feature sets may not be complete and developers may find gaps in functionality which Mendix is still working on.

3 Beta Features Overview

Some Mendix Platform releases contain Beta features. These features are part of regular Mendix releases. By default they are disabled. Please consult the documentation to learn how to enable and use Beta features.

The availability of Beta features is documented in the release notes for the release. Other documentation may be available through the Mendix documentation website. Please consult the release notes and the documentation on how to enable and use these features.

3.1 Testing Beta Features

If you would like to test a Beta feature, consider the following:

  • Contact the responsible Mendix Product Manager (PM), who can assist you in your test project
    • The PM can help you identify if your use case is a good fit for the particular Beta feature
    • Your Customer Success Manager (CSM) can introduce you
  • Your CSM will also ensure the involvement of Mendix Expert Services if required in order to aid you in your test project and provide you with the required knowledge to successfully make use of the Beta feature
  • Feedback on the quality of the Beta feature will be evaluated by the PM
  • When there is a strong desire to take a Beta feature into production, please contact your CSM to see if special arrangements are possible

4 Limitations of Beta Features & Products

Please take note of the following limitations regarding Beta features and products:

  • Beta features and products should not be used for production applications
    • We do not offer production support on Beta features and products
    • Beta features and products may contain bugs, which could potentially lead to data corruption
  • Beta features and products are not covered by any SLA
    • We value feedback, including tickets describing problems with Beta features and products, but these tickets will not be handled according to your SLA
    • We cannot guarantee timely fixes for any problems you encounter with Beta features and products
  • Beta features and products may introduce breaking changes
    • Even though we aim for backwards compatibility, Mendix cannot guarantee backwards compatibility between monthly releases for Beta features and products
  • Beta features and products may change in future releases, depending on the feedback
  • Beta features and products may be incomplete; future releases may include more functionality to complete the feature