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  • Ticket 10607: Fixed constrained by/context conflicts in reference selector.
  • Ticket 10578: Fixed microflow expression evaluation for highly concurrent environments.


Online social collaboration, agile project management, requirements capturing and feedback mechanisms, Team Server and version control, cloud Management Dashboard, one-click cloud deployment and transportation workflow. With version 3.0 of our Agile Business Platform we have revolutionized our Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) to offer full Agile Application Lifecycle Management.

Check out the release notes document for a complete overview.

If you have been using pre-release versions of 3.0.0, you can read about the changes since 3.0.0-rc1 below.

Changelog since 3.0.0-rc1

Important Notes

In 3.0.0-rc1: during conversion of a SQL Server data database from version 2.5 to 3.0.0-rc1, the auto number counters are reset to 1. This means that new objects will get auto numbers that might be lower than existing objects. This has been fixed in 3.0.0. Also, the auto number counters will be corrected to be at least as high as existing numbers and/or the initial value. There can still be objects with incorrect auto numbers in the database if new objects were created while the project was running. Note that projects that were started in 3.0.x are in the clear.


  • Ticket 9347: All browsers (except IE6 and IE7) run in standards mode now as opposed to quirks mode.
  • Ticket 9308: Save model version in system tables in database for better traceability.
  • Ticket 9264: The titles of message boxes (Warning, Information, Error) are system texts now so that they can be translated.
  • Added new module role ‘System.LicenseManager’ and moved access rights to license-management-related assets from System.Administrator to this role. This allows you to create separate user roles for license management and system administration.

Modeler Usability Improvements

  • New search function available in the ‘Edit’ menu under the name ‘Go To Document (Ctrl+G)’. It allows you to quickly go to a document by typing part of its name.
  • Ticket 3781: Documents can be excluded from the project through the context menu in the project explorer. An excluded document is neither checked for errors nor deployed. Excluded documents can be found using Find Advanced.
  • Tickets 9268, 9353: Made ‘Keep Active Document Selected’ available again. It can be toggled from the preferences dialog.
  • Tickets 9245, 8002: You can move buttons, columns, search fields and tab pages left and right in the form builder using the shortcut keys Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right.
  • Ticket 9657: Pressing Ctrl-Enter to confirm dialogs works everywhere now!
  • Ticket 7491: Allow setting the background color of action activities through the property grid in microflows.
  • Ticket 8327: Duplicate module role in module security form
  • Ticket 6068: Allow opening the microflow of a scheduled event from the project explorer context menu.
  • Ticket 5805: Attributes can be added at a specific position instead of only at the end.
  • Ticket 8524: Find advanced dialog shows all document types in the drop-down when searching for documents.
  • Ticket 8993: Made the behavior for ‘add microflow parameter’ consistent when using the toolbar or the microflow context menu. When the parameter is added to the microflow, its edit screen is shown,
  • Ticket 8543: Home and End keys navigate to start and end events respectively
  • Ticket 9289: Added a link from the web service action context menu to the selected web service.
  • Ticket 7806: Allow navigating directly to the access rules of an entity from a security error by using the ‘Go to’ submenu of the context menu.
  • Ticket 9051: Quickly jump to the microflow of a scheduled event with the “Go to” button.
  • Ticket 8596: Java parameters of a Java action can be reordered (move up, move down)
  • Ticket 3852: Attributes can be added at a specific position instead of only at the end.
  • Ticket 9381: Select dialogs now properly disable the ‘Select’ button when no valid element is selected.
  • Ticket 8243: Searching for text now also looks inside log message and call web service actions.
  • Ticket 7407: Improved module security form.
  • Ticket 7406: Access rules of System module are shown as read-only.
  • Ticket 9340: ‘A microflow should contain a single start event.’ error now always includes location details.
  • When duplicating a document, immediately open the duplicate for editing.
  • Improved editing of end events. You can change the return type of the microflow at each end event now.
  • Added new version of feedback widget, adding features of the latest release of sprintr (Ideas and Questions).
  • Sometimes new folders would not be retrieved from the repository when updating.


  • Ticket 9210: Refresh of nested DataGrid using XPath
  • Ticket 9296: Modeler correctly checks version numbers, including suffixes (beta,rc..), when updating.
  • Ticket 9229: Allow multiple event types for attribute widgets.
  • Ticket 9214: Assume target is “internal” when no target is specified for file download url.
  • Ticket 9317: Incorrect tab resize dependant on scrollbar
  • Ticket 9315: Fixed startup (License) error when having a default timezone selected.
  • Ticket 9396: Clicking ‘Show changes’ after updating from the Team Server only showed the latest revision instead of all retrieved changes.
  • Ticket 9319: Resizing popup after content is added (conditional formatting)
  • Ticket 9311: Fixed sorting on grid columns which are connected to associated fields over a self reference.
  • Ticket 9220: On-enter only responds to mouse clicks
  • Ticket 9564: You can now search for texts containing braces (‘{’ and ‘}’).
  • Ticket 8929: Version mendix.js. This means that client code is cached until a new version is deployed.
  • Ticket 9301: Now owner and changedby values of all entities will be cleared when they are no longer valid when an inheritance of User has been removed.
  • Ticket 9538: Fix in XML mapping.
  • Ticket 8709: Error handling m2ee when getting garbage from runtime.
  • Ticket 9377: Added class to ContentManager DOMNode
  • Ticket 9263: Scrollbar for short Dialog messages
  • Tickets 8991, 9298, 9443: Widget Input ref. selector 1.4 doesn’t work in mendix 3.0
  • Ticket 9502: Continue rendering when an object update is triggered before TabContent is loaded
  • Ticket 8081: Renaming a cross-module association is only possible from the domain model where it was defined.
  • Ticket 9451: Don’t hide underlay when closing dialog if there are still other dialogs
  • Ticket 9366: Downloading a theme package from the App Store caused an error when the ‘theme’ directory in the project directory did not exist.
  • Ticket 9152: Error trying to deploy or store .mpr/.mpk locally
  • Ticket 9224: Fixed merging errors that occured when editing module security.
  • Ticket 9351: Added escapeQuotes to client API
  • Ticket 8546: Fixed legacy inconsistency in client-side XPath token replacement APIs
  • Ticket 8073: M2EE: improved error messages.
  • Ticket 9202: Download file in browser opens in same tab page.
  • Ticket 9291: Remove data from superentity tables when an entity is dropped
  • Ticket 9741: When selecting forms, attributes etc, the ‘Select’ button was sometimes incorrectly enabled.
  • Ticket 9775: Fix in synchronization mechanism when changing two properties of the same attribute.
  • Ticket 9803: License information was lost after running application with different Windows users.
  • Ticket 9823: Report chart type was not used correctly.
  • Fixed memory leaks in the Modeler that caused a project to be kept in memory after closing it.