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  • Tickets 11414, 11432: Fixed an issue where creating a versioned MDA failed if the ‘Emulate cloud security’ option was enabled.
  • Ticket 11460: Allow creating unversioned MDAs in versioned projects even when there is no connection to the Team Server.
  • Tickets 11427, 11489: [FIX] Pass enclosing context from parent in TemplateGrid template Microflow buttons
  • Ticket 11405: Fixed an issue where conditionally visible tab pages were always visible in the drop-down menu of a tab container.
  • Restored ‘Advanced’ option for request handling in ‘Call web service’ microflow activities to improve backward compatibility.
  • Various fixes in the domain-to-XML mapping editor.
  • When obtaining values from a microflow during an XML export, don’t insert the text ‘null’ when a value is empty.
  • Throw early exception when database is in a corrupt state and fixed database migration transaction handling.
  • Fixed issue in cloud when obtaining new connections to the database.
  • Fixed changing an attribute type using SQL Server when there are custom indices present.
  • Fixed issue in database synchronization when converting from a 2.5 project using a PostgreSQL database and adding inheritance to existing entities with data.


Changed behavior

  • Fixed the concurrent user count: Web service users are now properly included.


  • Ticket 11073: Data grid and data view control bar buttons and microflow triggers can be shown or hidden based on an attribute.
  • Ticket 11074: Added confirmation dialog option to all Microflow buttons.
  • Tickets 8925, 9843, 11230: Introduced sorting of reference selector drop-downs.
  • Ticket 9842: Introduced sorting of reference search field drop-downs.
  • Ticket 5632: XSD choice support for calling web services and XML export.

Usability Improvements

  • Ticket 9526: If a user is signed out, show the reason why.
  • Ticket 9020: The form Administration.UserRole_Select is now blocking when opened from Administration.Account_NewEdit.
  • Ticket 9924: Configuring the option to allow multiple sessions per user can now be done from the Project Settings.
  • Ticket 10977: Added a property to Domain-to-XML mappings to configure the entity that is used as a parameter for the mapping.
  • Ticket 10636: Improved error message when deploying to the cloud.

Other Improvements

  • Ticket 10997: Added possibility to specify a specific client certificate for a web service via the custom configuration parameter WebServiceClientCertificates.
  • Ticket 10094: Improved readability of exceptions containing microflows in their trace.
  • Ticket 9828: The generated code for proxies and actions no longer imports Java classes but explicitly qualifies them (e.g. java.util.List). You can now safely create entities with names such as ‘List’ or ‘Date’.
  • Ticket 9344: Added ability to add more information to WebserviceExceptions.
  • Ticket 11012: The Administration module in new projects has better password handling.
  • Ticket 10231: Improved webservice tracelogging for responses to webservice calls. Now also traces soap fault responses.
  • Ticket 10544: GetAllThreadStackTraces admin action, enables JVM thread monitoring.
  • Tickets 11027, 11063: Added possibility to use horizontal and vertical scrollbars on the data grid contents.
  • Ticket 10816: Made it possible to define a width on the content manager.


  • Tickets 10562, 10587, 10698: Fixed a problem where running a project with the ‘Emulate cloud security’ setting enabled resulted in an error.
  • Tickets 10623, 9616: Added deprecated escapeQuotes function to the client backwards compatibility layer.
  • Ticket 11016: Mendix 3.0 upgrade fails when an association is recreated with the same name but parent and child swapped.
  • Ticket 8544: Fixed an issue where the contents of dialog boxes were not sanitized.
  • Ticket 11164: Layout problems in Tab-Containers in Mendix 3.1.1.
  • Ticket 11186: Fixed an issue with database indexes for long association names.
  • Ticket 10177: Fixed exception when calculating sum of a float/currency attribute with an empty object list.
  • Ticket 7905: Default theme files are gzipped now.
  • Ticket 9762: Fixed an issue where changing just the case of an entity name caused a compile error in the corresponding Java proxy.
  • Ticket 10670: 3.0+ Layout bug: tab containers.
  • Tickets 10885, 11278, 11220, 10949, 11366, 10910, 10969: Fixed an issue that could occur in the Modeler when saving documents in a versioned project.
  • Ticket 11312: Fixed wrong guid being used when opening multiple forms.
  • Ticket 10011: Updated JSON library.
  • Ticket 9079: Standardized date formats in document generator.
  • Ticket 8637: Handle object updates and validation messages in the right order.
  • Ticket 10683: Do not refresh the entire page when login fails.
  • Ticket 10275: Validation messages not appearing when commit succeeded.
  • Ticket 10184: Fixed updating changes dock after updating.
  • Ticket 8488: Aggregates in data grid are recalculated when using inline editing.
  • Ticket 10715: Fixed an issue where the web service module did not generate validation errors.
  • Tickets 10915, 10967, 11178, 11212: Fixed errors in merge form.
  • Ticket 10320: Fixed unnecessary read access exception when showing a data grid with secured fields hidden by conditional formatting.
  • Ticket 10153: Hide the default button if the selection mode of the grid is ‘No selection’. Also, other buttons that operate on the selection are forbidden.
  • Ticket 10118: Fixed CSV/Excel export crashing when using specializations in the datagrid.
  • Ticket 10750: Do not select first item in grids (using “select first”) when selection already exists.
  • Ticket 9426: Show validation error if a number is too big to be accurately represented.
  • Ticket 10598: Fixed broken form export for a nested data view with data source microflow in a nested data view over an association.
  • Ticket 11010: Fixed synchronization error when inheriting from entity with default datetime value.
  • Tickets 10878, 11208: Fixed an issue in XSD import that could occur when two imported schemata included the same file.
  • Ticket 9974: Minor fix to zip unpacking.
  • Ticket 10652: Improved text in error message.
  • Ticket 9614: Improve timezone object instance synchronization.
  • Ticket 11049: Fixed an issue with uploads in Chrome > 16 and Opera > 9.8.
  • Tickets 10482, 10478: Clean temporary files earlier after using CSV export.
  • Tickets 10996, 10938: Fixed restriction on multiple logins with same user.
  • Ticket 11090: Fixed an issue with using XPath in the data view list.
  • Ticket 10889: The data grid did not always constrain on the constrained by path.
  • Tickets 10634, 11321: Fixed behavior of ‘show 25 more’ button when viewing a document with no history.
  • Tickets 10711, 10692, 11040, 11007: Two blocking popups lead to deadlock.
  • Ticket 9601: Fixed use of localized group and decimal separators in reporting charts.
  • Tickets 10146, 9998: Feature: Always calculate SplitContainer width proportionally, fixed scrollbar issues.
  • Ticket 10730: n-deep references in combination with inline-editing now update correctly.
  • Ticket 10648: Fixed scrollbar in SplitPane.
  • Ticket 9730: Fixes in database synchronization.
  • Ticket 10090: Fixed sorting on associated boolean fields for HSQLDB.
  • Ticket 10764: Cannot upload filedocuments in IE9.
  • Tickets 10675, 8547, 9986: Fixed recognization of epoch long values as datetimes when they are used as parameter in datepart/datediff functions.
  • Ticket 10824: Allow Java actions to read files from deployment lib folder when cloud security is enabled.
  • Ticket 10610: Fixed issue with process cancellation during cloud deployment.
  • Ticket 9165: Introduced new API function mx.ui.action(), fixing inconsistency between mx.ui.executeAction() and mx.processor.action().
  • Tickets 10940, 10777: Added class to the microflow trigger, image viewer and custom widget when rendered in a template grid.
  • Ticket 9642: Improved setting about managing users without user roles.
  • Ticket 11194: Prevent selection in non-selectable grids after actions.
  • Ticket 11019: Fixed keyboard handling for closing dialogs.
  • Ticket 10171: Limit the number of warnings shown in the Errors dock.
  • Ticket 11192: Fixed user input not being saved when using the mouse to focus an input field (in a very specific situation in Internet Explorer).

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