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Mendix 4.0.1 is a patch release for version 4.0.0. It contains a number of fixes for issues that were reported against that version.

The following issues are fixed in this release:

  • Ticket 12726: Fixed an issue where objects passed to a microflow from the client would not be retrieved from the database.
  • Ticket 12630: Restored export to Excel/CSV functionality for reference set selectors.
  • Tickets 12683, 12595: Import WSDL can handle file names with spaces in their names now.
  • Ticket 12647: Fixed deleting a list of objects that also contained specializations.
  • Ticket 12665: Fixed setting both values for references for which the other side is not present in cache, but only in the microflow scope.
  • Ticket 12640: Refresh list of allowed variables in show form dialog when selecting a different form.
  • Ticket 12676: Restored visibility of ‘Image’ and ‘Caption’ properties of grid buttons.
  • Ticket 12684: Fixed exception during committing of an object, determine correctly whether to update or insert an object.
  • Ticket 12741: Fixed check for a certain role’s access to an attribute used in conditional formatting on a table row that is already hidden for that role.
  • Ticket 12617: Fixed HTTP authentication of web services.
  • Ticket 12677: Fixed escaping of leading spaces in translated texts.
  • Ticket 12713: Fixed an issue with committing changes made through inline editing in a data grid.
  • Restored visibility of ‘Tab index’ property for custom widgets.
  • Restored the ‘System texts’ row in the Language Operations dialog.


The Spring 2012 Release of the Mendix App Platform includes a new unified and redesigned platform experience enabling social productivity, enhanced enterprise integration with app mash-ups, and a new, highly efficient way to build mobile apps for the Enterprise; plus we have improved performance and added all kinds of other features large and small.

Below you can read the highlights of this release. For the full release notes, see the release notes documentation page.

Mobile for the Enterprise

Build mobile user interfaces on top of existing data and logic with just a few clicks. Creating mobile apps and extending existing web apps with mobile capabilities is no longer a separate project – just a smaller screen.

Mobile the Mendix Way

  • Build mobile web apps in hours.
  • Re-use all existing logic and data.
  • 1-click deploy to the cloud.
  • From feedback to new app version in minutes.

One Platform for All

With the Spring 2012 Release we brought together all of the platform components under one roof and user interface. As a result you’ll be able to plan projects, design and build apps, test, deploy and monitor them – and even collect and process end user feedback all from the same platform.

Social Productivity

Social collaboration features are now built into the Mendix App Platform. Social activity streams make it easy to fully engage all stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of your project. End users are more than customers – they’re part of the project team. Plus we included new integrated chat functionality in this release to enable even more real-time collaboration.

Enterprise Integration & App Mashup

Easily integrate with other Enterprise Apps without the need to move data from one database to another. Mendix can now access information from other apps without having to pull data into your Mendix database. This improves performance and makes integrating with external systems a snap.

Enterprise Integration the Mendix Way

  • Secure: no data replication
  • Smart: advanced, automated memory management
  • Fast: no difference with app data
  • Easy: no added complexity


For the Spring 2012 release, we substantially improved the out-of-the-box performance of Mendix and Mendix apps. All your existing apps will benefit from day 1! Besides that we introduced a number of additional options in Microflows to give you even less need for Custom Java Actions.

In Short

  • Less database interactions by using in-memory creates, resulting in substantial performance improvements for complex microflows.
  • Balance speed & memory usage by using offset & limit in microflow retrieves and batch commits. This functionality replaces most of the current needs for Custom Java actions!
  • Web service calls have been improved by adding the option to store (complex) results in a variable and by providing an optional limit to the number of objects to map.
  • speed of the deployment process has been improved too. Iterating over working apps has never been so fast!