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  • Tickets 15752, 15802, 15807: Fixed execution of scheduled events with a return type other than Nothing. This resulted in sessions not expiring in 4.3.1. Meaning that your license prevented you from logging in if you consumed all seats.
  • Tickets 15813, 15864: Fixed xpath Issue with custom widgets.



  • The caption of a label in the form editor can be edited in a pop-up.


  • Tickets 15568, 15640, 15553, 15586: Fixed an issue where auto-completion of XPath and microflow expressions would show out-of-date suggestions.
  • Ticket 15525: Mobile image uploader also uploads image when committing the data view object with a microflow button.
  • Ticket 15656: Fixed an issue where scheduled events were run twice.
  • Ticket 15629: Fixed an issue with the ‘Constrained by’ property on reference selectors in combination with specialization.
  • Ticket 15588: Fixed an issue where the name of a new enumeration value was not automatically filled when typing the caption.
  • Fixed an issue where after converting an existing checkout of a Team Server project, an error would occur when clicking an item in the ‘Changes’ dockable window.
  • Fixed an issue where the debugger would not show all attribute values of an entity when the microflow had ‘Apply entity access’ set to ‘True’.
  • Fixed a number of errors that were reported via the Modeler feedback mechanism.


Important changes

The New Microflow Debugger

You can now debug your Mendix applications running at a remote location, using the new microflow debugger that is fully integrated into the Mendix Business Modeler.

Debugging your app: * Connect locally to the application running in your Modeler, or remotely to an application running in the Mendix Cloud or on premise. * Easily step through your microflows and inspect all available variables. * Enable and disable the debugger for cloud applications using the cloud dashboard.

Version selector

This application is installed automatically with the modeler and associates itself with Mendix project files and Mendix packages. It selects the correct modeler version to open the file when it is installed. If not, it will let you choose another modeler install or allow you to download the exact version in the Mendix App store.

Mobile image uploader

The image uploader widget can now be used in mobile forms. It allows you to take a new picture with the camera (iOS >= 6, Android >= 3) or choose an existing one (Android 2).

Remote runtime access

When running on premise and using a reverse proxy on a different server than the application, you should enable remote access to the runtime. For this, you need to have the latest version of the Windows service console or m2ee-tools for Linux.

Windows service console
  • set runtime server port listen address to ‘public’ in the configuration screen of your application.
m2ee-tools for Linux
  • update m2ee-tools to the newest version (0.4.4)
  • add the following configuration option to the ‘m2ee’ section of the m2ee.yaml configuration file: runtime_listen_addresses: “*”


  • Tickets 4023, 4671, 5374, 5422, 6208, 8777, 7862, 12542, 13875, 14606, 14764: New microflow debugger.
  • Ticket 14471: Mobile image uploader.
  • Ticket 14749: Version selector.
  • Ticket 15007: Recent commit messages are remembered across Modeler sessions.
  • Ticket 15029: Added an option to the ‘Export to XML’ action which allows to store the XML in a String instead of a FileDocument.
  • Ticket 14483: Improved error message which will be shown when an admin password is set (probably in a production scenario) but does not conform to the password policy configured in the model.
  • Ticket 15113: Sort order of search results of App Store in Modeler.
  • Ticket 13293: Set max-age for standalone iOS apps cookie at 1 year, to prevent losing sessions when switching apps.
  • Ticket 15009: Deprecated Core.getFormPath() method, use Core.getFormNames() instead. In the cloud, access to File objects is limited and should be avoided.
  • Tickets 13279, 15066: Added a new list operation, which sorts a list of objects.
  • Ticket 13989: Added Branch Line Manager to Team menu. You can now delete unused branch lines using the Modeler.
  • Ticket 14999: Added support for the ‘BCrypt’ hash algorithm for storing and verifying passwords.
  • Ticket 13455: Enabled the ‘Export to Excel’ and ‘Export to CSV’ buttons for grids based on microflows and associations.
  • Ticket 14121: Added search for ranges of two date or numeric attributes to datagrid. Keep tooltip visible while hovering over it with mouse.
  • Ticket 14842: Now the runtime server will listen only on localhost by default.
  • Ticket 14961: Now a restart is not needed after activating a license key.
  • Ticket 14881: Automatically cleanup FileDocuments on log out when delete after download fails.


  • Ticket 14227: Made ‘con’ a reserved word to prevent the generation of proxy files named ‘con’ which causes errors in windows.
  • Ticket 15035: Fixed rendering of footer after orientation change in application started from home screen.
  • Ticket 14761: Fixed bugs in export mapping when mapping XML attributes of elements with simple content type.
  • Tickets 13900, 14239: Also export and import the Java source file (.java) when exporting/importing a Java action document from the Modeler.
  • Ticket 14473: Log a warning when autocommitted objects still exist on session logout.
  • Ticket 14146: Fixed leap year handling for Thai calendars.
  • Ticket 14661: Make sure rollback is ignored for read only dataviews.
  • Ticket 14375: Give a more user friendly message when AccessControlExceptions occur.
  • Ticket 15320: Improved security handling.
  • Ticket 14990: Fixed error indicator for exceptions in microflow expressions, when error does not start on the first line.
  • Ticket 15159: Improved warning when deleting an object fails for security reasons.
  • Ticket 14073: Put header and footer above and below the page content for browsers that do not support fixed positioning (e.g. Windows Phone 7).
  • Ticket 14967: Fixed error that occurred when clicking on a ‘missing module role’ warning.
  • Ticket 14615: When importing a WSDL that contains operations without input, these operations are now ignored instead of causing the modeler to crash.
  • Ticket 14101: Columns containing a virtual attribute no longer pretend to be sortable in the web client.
  • Ticket 14138: Enabled the documentation control when viewing forms.
  • Ticket 14575: Reverted the automatic changing of a table cell’s render mode to its 3.0 behavior.
  • Ticket 15048: Avoid unnecessary data definition command(s) on a PostgreSQL datastore in case of a string attribute with a default value with backslashes.
  • Ticket 14964: Also take asynchronous microflow actions into account when processing the ‘get_current_runtime_requests’ admin action call.
  • Ticket 14481: Enabled custom request header/body when no header/body is specified in the WSDL.
  • Ticket 14823: Added an error that shows when a tooltip form contains another tooltip. This prevents non-termination when generating forms.
  • Ticket 14489: Put header and footer above and below the page content when an input widget has the focus.
  • Ticket 14752: Added configuration option “TrackWebServiceUserLastLogin”, which determines whether the “LastLogin” attribute of a web service user is updated in the database upon each login.
  • Ticket 14746: Added support for garbage collection of scheduled event sessions.
  • Tickets 14971, 14063: Use user context to obtain mobile session meta data.
  • Ticket 14781: When applying conditional formatting, check for isA relation instead of equality of entity.
  • Tickets 14560, 9089, 10591, 12340: Do not clear console log when restarting so that warnings at the end of the previous run are still visible. Capped the amount of items in the console log to maintain performance.
  • Ticket 13388: Fixed Tab Container not being re-sized correctly, resulting in three rows for the tab selector.
  • Ticket 14665: Do not re-layout login screen when another input node is focused.
  • Ticket 14222: Fixed standard comparison to zero for very small floating point values.
  • Ticket 14642: Fixed usage of too long aliases in Oracle queries.
  • Ticket 14614: Fixed Editable property of input fields in Tab Container being ignored.
  • Ticket 14389: Reduced name conflicts introduced by generated entities.
  • Ticket 14015: Changed icon for microflow actions that specifically avoid events.
  • Ticket 11082: Improved autocompletion behavior in XPath constraints.
  • Ticket 14707: Show one error instead of two when deleting an object is blocked by delete behavior.
  • Ticket 14331: When importing a module, show the files that will be overwritten in a fixed size form. If there are many files, the window could become very large in the old situation.
  • Ticket 14553: Improved handling of locked files when committing.
  • Ticket 15398: Fixed an error that occurred in the Modeler when double-clicking an error on an access rule.
  • Tickets 14095, 14096: Added possibility to write date and time values in XPath and OQL in a notation conform the ISO8601 standard.
  • Ticket 14124: Now a license is only accepted if it’s a valid license. Otherwise the old license will be unchanged.
  • Ticket 15079: Request information can now be obtained in the login action.