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  • Ticket 17395: Fixed stack issue in Firefox causing large forms not being rendered completely.
  • Ticket 17448: Added Jetty options request_header_size and response_header_size.
  • Ticket 17190: Improved naming methods used when generating a domain model from an XML Schema.



Please read the accompanying tech post if you have upgraded to Mendix 4.4.0 or 3.3.5 or if you have applied the manual JavaScript fix for Firefox 18.


  • Tickets 17036, 17172, 16860, 16669: Fixed navigation issue where a user could end up on an empty screen, the previous form or the homeform while opening a form via the navigation bar or by microflow.
  • Ticket 16990: Fixed multiple uploads at the same time.
  • Ticket 16997: Fixed uploading an image when committing instantly after selecting an image.
  • Ticket 17033: Fixed issues with dates set to 1/1/1970
  • Ticket 17174: Fixed incorrect “invalid input” validation error on reference selector.
  • Ticket 16957: Fixed incorrect namespace of an XML element in case of a type definition of another namespace.
  • Ticket 17104: Fixed incorrect Runtime status information.
  • Ticket 16949: Improved concurrency in webservice handling.
  • Ticket 16958: Retain the order of list elements after applying operations on the list.
  • Ticket 17049: Allow all acceptable characters (e.g. underscore) in http header keys.
  • Fixed inefficient Jetty log message handling.
  • Ticket 16947: Added more robust error handling for scheduled events.
  • Ticket 16665: Added option for keeping the selection of a grid after calling a microflow on it.

  • Tickets 17312, 17330: Fixed upload and history issues in Internet Explorer.



  • Tickets 16871, 16881: Fixed DataGrid [%CurrentObject%] constraint handling when applyContext is not set. This bug was introduced in the now obsolete version 4.4.1
  • Ticket 16852: Retrieve aggregates correctly when paging in DataGrids with hidden columns.
  • Ticket 16739: Removed unnecessary event calling while synchronizing user instances on startup
  • Ticket 16823: Fixed issue where a grid would perform an unconstrained XPath query when XPath constraint contained [%CurrentObject%] and current object was empty.
  • Ticket 16617: Fixed race condition on server startup
  • Ticket 16687: Fixed compatibility issues with svg nodes in Webkit.
  • Ticket 16689: Fixed updates being triggered on a closed form
  • Tickets 16620, 16703: Fixed error when refreshing a data grid which is closed in the meantime.
  • Ticket 16653: Fixed multiple uploads at the same time in Firefox
  • Ticket 16794: Fixed issue with cloud security and rendering of XHTML in document template dynamic labels



  • Ticket 15824: Added token ‘[%BeginOfCurrentDay%]’ as allowed default value for date/time search fields. Use this token instead of ‘[%CurrentDateTime%]’ if you would like to search for all objects that have today’s date set.
  • Ticket 16393: Microflow buttons in mobile can now execute their microflow asynchronously. Also, the timeout in mobile applications has been increased from 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Ticket 15195: Added option to filter batch translate and batch replace by module. The filter also applies when exporting to or importing from Excel.
  • Ticket 16203: Added support for custom HTTP headers on web service calls.
  • Ticket 14863: Included data type in output part of retrieve action dialog in the Modeler.
  • Ticket 15462: Proxy custom SLF4J log nodes to Mendix log nodes with the same name.
  • Ticket 15647: Redirect Apache Commons Logging to Mendix Logging.
  • Ticket 15790: Added logging when incompatible Java classes are found in cloud.
  • Ticket 16146: Upgraded joda-time library to version 2.1.


  • Ticket 16058, 16259: Fixed issues with PDF and HTML generation with cloud security enabled.
  • Ticket 16190: Fixed an issue with updating data views with a microflow data source.
  • Ticket 15823: Fixed filtering a data grid on an attribute with value 0.
  • Ticket 15460: Ensure $currentUser is the signed in user when executing the sign-in microflow.
  • Ticket 15824: Do not localize non-localized default dates in datagrid search filter.
  • Ticket 15175: For new projects, changing account passwords is now handled using a non-persistable entity.
  • Ticket 15900: Fixed an issue with merging changes in the Modeler after multiple users convert the project to a newer version.
  • Ticket 16199: Work around Firefox 18+ bug.
  • Ticket 15574: The search bar of a grid is emptied if the search bar is never visible. This prevents displayed errors in search fields in that case.
  • Ticket 16339: Allow empty string for numeric inputs in DataView textfields.
  • Tickets 15501, 15513: System.VerifyPassword Java action now returns false instead of throwing an exception when a user with the specified name does not exist.
  • Ticket 15423: Fixed issue with buttons not working on certain Android devices.
  • Ticket 15011: The number of rows in a data grid should be greater than or equal to one.
  • Tickets 16261, 16092: Fixed calling Core.logout from java with cloud security emulation enabled.
  • Ticket 14511: Do not create a new counter message for every focus event on a TextArea.
  • Ticket 15082: Update the admin user role to the one defined in the Modeler also after deployment.
  • Ticket 13626: Fixed rendering of UTF-8 characters and spaces in download file names
  • Ticket 16128: Deprecated Core.getMode and configuration.getDTAPMode in favor of Core.isInDevelopment
  • Ticket 15389: Allow unique attributes as key in XML-to-domain mappings.
  • Ticket 16126: Fixed export-to-Excel button in reference set selector.
  • Ticket 15557: Fixed issues with date range search field. Also, allow selecting the [%BeginOfCurrentDay%] token as default value.
  • Ticket 14656: Editability property of nested data views and input widgets takes editability of enclosing data view into account.
  • Ticket 16452: Use ‘Contains’ instead of ‘Equal’ as default comparison for search fields with attributes of type String.
  • Ticket 15630: Fixed bug in consistency checks of list operations.
  • Ticket 15107: Fixed an issue with validation messages and file uploads.
  • Ticket 15103: Fixed consistency check of cast actions.
  • Ticket 16278: Fixed sorting a list on an attribute of type ‘ DateTime’.
  • Ticket 14504: Show correct aggregate values when there are hidden columns in a data grid.
  • Ticket 15799: Fixed issue with extracting project packages in the Version Selector.
  • Ticket 10347: Remove validation messages when switching object or emptying a data view.
  • Ticket 15450: Disallow close buttons on editable data views again.
  • Ticket 15453: Fixed issue with cloud node selection dialog when deploying to the cloud.
  • Ticket 16068: Close the branch line manager dialog if the user chooses to immediately download a newly created branch line.
  • Ticket 14692: Validation settings (yes, no, widget only) for event microflows such as ‘on change’ on input widgets were not applied correctly. It was always as if the setting was ‘widget only’, irrespective of the setting in the Modeler.
  • Ticket 15157: Fixed an issue with the Profiler Module.
  • Ticket 15916: Work around a bug in Firefox 18.
  • Ticket 15896: Import of bundled certificates is supported.
  • Ticket 16475: Fixed an issue where access rules were not applied correctly.
  • Ticket 16419: Fixed an issue with IE and data grids with a specified width.
  • Ticket 15732: Fixed an issue with a WSDL import.
  • Ticket 15825: Fixed an issue where the selection of a grid was not removed after clicking a microflow button.
  • Ticket 15650: File Comparison Arguments in Preferences have been made resistant against special characters in file names.
  • Ticket 15539: Now string value to string value comparisons works for HSQLDB.
  • Ticket 16132: Fixed file download problem in IE8 in combination with Google Chrome Frame.
  • Ticket 16345: Fixed an issue with the Save button and feedback sent from the server such as ‘show form’.
  • Tickets 16156, 15516: Fixed cascading delete on self reference.
  • Ticket 15818: Fixed issue with extracting module packages in the Modeler.
  • Ticket 16418: Fixed an issue where for a data grid with more than 100 columns, all columns would be hidden.
  • Ticket 14693: Fixed an internationalization issue with the template grid.
  • Ticket 16327: Fixed issue with manageable roles.
  • Ticket 15173: Fixed an issue where deleting an object in a reference set selector could lead to an inconsistent state in the database.
  • Ticket 14964: Fixed interruption of scheduled and asynchronous actions.
  • Ticket 16065: Fixed ‘Call microflow’ action dialog for displays with large fonts.
  • Ticket 15358: Fixed an issue where the microflow of a reference selector was not passed the context.
  • Tickets 15611, 15634: Prevent Modeler error message when the debugger is disconnected.
  • Ticket 16233: Prevent warning in runtime log when uploading a picture without orientation information.
  • Tickets 15628, 15816, 16350: Aggregations over attributes of associated entities do not work in datagrids.
  • Ticket 15842: Fixed schema generation for search fields in a template grid.
  • Ticket 15641: Fixed error when a ‘Call microflow’ action does not define a variable name.
  • Ticket 15796: Work around a bug in Firefox 18.
  • Ticket 15917: Fixed IE10 compatibility issues.
  • Ticket 16012: Fixed runtime error that occurred for reference selectors on calculated attributes.
  • Ticket 15814, 16493: Fixed unicode issue with some CASE expressions for Oracle