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  • Ticket 22559: Excel Export Error - Fixed the maximum number of styles exceeded when the grid contained more than 4000 cells.



  • Ticket 20450: The ‘Name’ attribute of FileDocument can now store 400 characters (up from 200).


  • Tickets 20180, 20296: Fixed inheritance issue with the data view.
  • Ticket 20668: Fixed issues with IE10+ and the mobile client.
  • Ticket 19526: Improved performance of various team server operations (e.g. update and history) by retrieving fewer revisions.
  • Fix the issue where the effect of a change list action (“replace”) in a submicroflow was not visible in the calling microflow.



  • Ticket 20584: Fixed an issue where clicking the ‘None’ button when selecting elements did not have any effect.
  • Ticket 20395: Selected attribute lost in XPath query during optimization of some kind of constraints with associations.


Known Issue

There are known issues with version 4.7.0 of the Mendix Business Modeler. When selecting elements in the Modeler, the ‘None’ button would have no effect. When retrieving one attribute value or an aggregated attribute value via an XPath query or an aggregate list activity in a microflow, using the same reference in more than one constraint, the id column will be retrieved instead of the specified attribute. This leads to incorrect results. Both issues have been solved in Mendix 4.7.1.


  • Ticket 16736: When a limit or offset is given in a Microflow batch, it will at least be sorted by id.
  • Ticket 19894: Advanced search option to find microflows with(out) entity access enabled.
  • The Modeler will install and use .NET 4.5 if possible (Windows Vista and up).
  • Ticket 20056: Support for JARs signed by Mendix so that they can be used when the setting ‘Emulate cloud security’ is enabled.


  • Ticket 20350: Edit button malfunction.
  • Ticket 19119: Use scheduled event documentation instead of microflow documentation for scheduled event information instances.
  • Ticket 19710: Disable mobile reference (set) selector when its reference is set to readonly.
  • Ticket 19792: When reverting the deletion of a Java action, the Java source file on disk is also brought back. This prevents inadvertently unimplemented Java actions.
  • Ticket 18991: Mendix runtime tries to retrieve WSDL’s from URL used to import in development.
  • Ticket 18854: Add support for Microflow download action to mobile.
  • Ticket 15247: Fixed sorting issue with null values and enums in list operation in microflow.
  • Ticket 19659: Now the Cluster manager will time out and give clear error messages about possible causes.
  • Ticket 18443: Data view control bar (scrolling for save button)
  • Improved tracking of objects in use.
  • Fixed several other minor bugs.

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