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Release date: February 2nd, 2017



  • The mobile client now runs on iOS 10. (Ticket 45041)
  • Fixed XHTML rendering error on templates for document generator. (Ticket 253401)
  • Preventing data truncation when changing existing string attributes with a fixed length to unlimited. (Ticket 257984)

There is a known bug in older versions of Oracle 11.2 where converting numeric attributes to string attributes with a length greater than 80 leads to corrupted data. This problem is fixed in Oracle See https://support.oracle.com/epmos/faces/DocumentDisplay?id=9949330.8 and http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16735793/strange-behavior-on-oracle-cast-to-nvarchar2.




  • When autocommitted objects are deleted, delete behaviour should be applied. (Tickets 18082 & 101442)
  • Fix ‘Deploy to the Mendix Cloud’ option (Tickets 204943, 205148, 205731 & 205343).
  • Fix the problem that merging a single revision from another branch would also mark one revision earlier in that branch as having been merged. (Ticket 206549)
  • PDF export now renders Arabic text correctly. (Ticket 204657)
  • Fix focus manager to support IE11 (Ticket 203802).
  • Prevent grid refreshes after logging out (Ticket 203784).
  • Fix issue in template grid which causes textareas to not update (Ticket 204933).
  • Fix cache warnings. (Ticket 203270)



  • Mendix Business Server stacktraces are no longer obfuscated, so that tracing where an exception originates from is much easier. Fixes
  • Ticket 203123: Fixed stack overflow error which occurred during the retrieval of data for data grids with owner and changedBy references.
  • Ticket 203527: Made the initialization of user session thread-safe. This prevents from user accounts being deleted randomly when there are a number of login attempts for the same user at the same time.
  • Ticket 203611: Improved license information clean-up during initialization to prevent license activation issues when database tables are corrupted.
  • Ticket 203862: Improved performance of the Mendix Business Server under heavy load. This particularly affects applications which process a lot of short transactions without database calls (e.g. processing incoming web service calls).



  • Improved clean-up of user and system sessions.
  • Fixed interruption of asynchronous actions.
  • Fixed scheduled event execution.
  • Fixed NullPointerException on destroying user sessions.
  • Removed limit on reference selector to prevent data corruption.



  • Ticket 18933: Fixed an issue where dragging a table into itself would cause the Modeler to stop working.
  • Ticket 101073: Improved session management and garbage collection of sessions.
  • Ticket 101388: A variable that evaluates to true together with the or-operator seems to be ignored when used in a XPath constraint. Log invalid XPath constraint functions.
  • Ticket 14441: Mendix serverwith Oracle database error ORA-01795: maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000
  • Ticket 20551: Fix thousand separators when switching applications with alt-tab.
  • Ticket 100610: Fix form not disabling nodes if read only is set to true and if no object was selected before.



  • Reverted changes to runtime session management that caused the garbage collector to not properly clean up Mendix objects.



  • Ticket 101073, 101655, 101080: Fixed application crash on enabling persistent sessions and improved session management and garbage collection of sessions.
  • Ticket 101197: Fix the history in Internet Explorer 11 when uploading or downloading documents.



  • Dates are now exported to Excel in the time zone of the user session.


  • Ticket 100708: Non localized dates are now shown correctly in export.
  • Ticket 101321: Fixed Excel export error for empty date values over a reference.



  • Ticket CC0000000100735: Fixed an issue where the removal of system sessions would be logged on ‘INFO’ level instead of ‘TRACE’.
  • Ticket CC0000000100726: Fixed error in the database synchronization phase on application startup.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to changes introduced in version 4.8.0 actions using a system context that generate an exception (e.g. failed sign-ins) are not handled correctly. When a high number of such actions occur, a system restart could be necessary. We strongly recommend to upgrade to 4.8.2 to resolve these issues.


Fixed an issue where actions using a system context that generate an exception were not handled correctly.



  • Fix: Set correct execution thread for monitored actions. Solves the problem that session signout was delayed, which could cause the licensing limit to be exceeded.
  • Fix: Do not open HTML or XML files “inline” but offer them as an “attachment” for downloading so they can be saved to disk and opened from there.



  • Ticket 19244: Added new property of Export to Excel button: Date export format. Now dates can be exported as real dates so that Excel recognizes them as dates and can perform date functions like sorting. Please be aware that this will be the default behavior of newly created Export to Excel buttons. Existing buttons will export dates as before. For more details, see the documentation at https://world.mendix.com/display/refguide4/Export+To+Excel+Button
  • Ticket 20713: The message you get when you do not have access to the Team Server mentions that you need to sign out and in if you changed your password.


  • Ticket 19731: Fixed incorrect merge of query results in case of data grids with fields of derived objects in a specific order.
  • Ticket 20789: Reset state of conditional formatting if there is no object to show in the data view.
  • Ticket 20919: In mobile forms, correctly pass the enclosing object when executing a microflow by clicking on an image viewer.
  • Ticket 20976: Fixed an error occurring when a reference selector shows the same attribute as a reference selector on a hidden tab page. Ticket 21599: Export empty data grid values as null in Excel so that they are not counted by the default excel count function.
  • Ticket 22355: Do not show validation messages for input widgets that are not visible.
  • Tickets 22391, 22393: The Mendix object cache now allows an unlimited number of objects per session (previously: 3,000,000). In addition, all Java action types are automatically monitored and garbage collected, now including actions executed with a System context and asynchronous actions, as long as they are being executed using the Core.execute()/Core.executeAsync() API. See https://world.mendix.com/display/refguide4/Garbage+collection for more information about the object cache and garbage collection. NOTE: Projects using large numbers of non-persistent objects and/or using system contexts in Java are strongly recommended to upgrade to version 4.8 to ensure proper handling of these cases. As always, perform proper testing when upgrading your project before putting it in production.
  • Fixed the ‘Extract submicroflow’ action in the microflow editor. It creates the flows to and from the ‘Call microflow’ activity again.