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Release date: February 12th


Important Known Issues for This Release

New Features


  • We shaved two seconds off the startup time of the Desktop Modeler and MxBuild. You get two seconds, and you get two seconds, everybody gets two seconds!
  • The caption of a data grid column is now automatically set to an attribute name (when you are selecting an attribute), unless you do explicitly set the caption.
  • No need to wonder what App Store widgets you are using in your project and to find a way to check if you have the latest version anymore! In Project > Tools we added the Update Widgets setting which gives you an overview of the widgets you are using, what their current version is in your project, and what the latest version is. Moreover, you can now select several widgets and update them by simultaneously clicking Update.

  • It is now possible to set the render mode of a container widget as one of the HTML5 section tags (for example, main, section, header, footer).

  • We improved the accessibility of pop-up windows and pages in pop-up layouts.

  • Syncing files for offline apps is much faster now! We only synchronize changed files, which saves a lot of network traffic and time. In addition, resiliency to network failures during file download has been improved: the offline database is not updated with changes from the server until all network operations are completed.

  • The List operation activity is now supported in nanoflows.

  • We improved the build time of your project. This was possible by replacing Bnd for packaging the Java part of the project.

  • We fixed the issue with the Get Started pane which was not display anything when a user was not signed in.

  • We fixed an issue where some technical details (the Mics panel) were displayed in Java actions properties.

  • When reverting a renamed Java action, dataset, or consumed app service, the associated files are also renamed. When reverting a renamed module, files in this module are moved.

  • We support the custom setting DatabaseJdbcUrl for PostgreSQL databases too (this setting was already supported for the other database types).

  • We fixed an issue where a database failover could lead to a Jetty ThreadPool exhaustion, preventing requests from being handled and causing the system to report a “low on resources” warning.

  • We improved performance when importing content in which an attribute value is at the end of the payload.


  • We added a missing consistency check for the Aggregate list action, so your aggregate action will not fail in runtime if you are using an attribute that does not belong to the selected entity. (Ticket 77198)
    • Conversion fix: For a selected attribute on the Aggregate list action that cannot be found as a part of the entity of the input variable, we now change it to an attribute with the same name if it exists on the entity. This conversion ensures that users will not get consistency errors.
  • We fixed an issue where it was not possible to commit after merging in a branch. (Tickets 78468, 78322, 79166, 78542, 76785, 77955, 77245)
  • It is now possible to use Override and Deprecated as entity names without running into Java compilation problems. (Ticket 53711)
  • We now refresh input forms in the Modeler after using the Show button so that information gets updated. (Ticket 39000)
  • We fixed an issue where double-clicking did not work in the domain model editor if you programmed your mouse to double-click for you. (This one is for you, Marcel!)
  • We fixed an issue where a deprecation warning appeared in the log if you used a report grid or a report chart. (Ticket 68270, 70168)
  • For a better user experience, mobile devices will now use the native date/time picker even if a custom format has been configured. (Ticket 67091)
  • We fixed an issue where if the first tab of a tab container was initially hidden with conditional visibility, the next visible tab was not activated correctly. (Ticket 66929)
  • Previously, a data grid search field for an attribute of enumeration type showed an additional empty option in the drop-down menu, which was confusing and led to zero results in the search. We fixed this by replacing it with an option that allows you to search specifically for rows where the attribute is empty. (Ticket 66129)
  • We fixed an issue where copying the contents of an editable grid cell with Ctrl + C caused the text “C” to appear in the cell. (Ticket 77075)
  • We fixed an issue where a list view listening to another widget within the same data view did not always refresh correctly when that data view was refreshed. (Ticket 77305)
  • We fixed an issue where signing out did not work correctly after following an anchor link. (Ticket 76708)
  • We improved the performance of pages that contain a lot of text or button widgets. (Ticket 76125, 76341)
  • We fixed an issue where an object with a required validation received a validation error from an on-change microflow. As a result, the changed value was cleared, and the object with the previous (correct) value was saved, instead of being blocked with a validation message due to the required validation. (Ticket 62739)
  • We fixed an issue where clicking a microflow button twice was possible even if Disabled during action was set. (Ticket 76020)
  • We fixed an issue where returning a string value from a nanoflow failed. (Ticket 69895)
  • We fixed an issue where the Retrieve action over an association in a nanoflow returned empty for a list variable. (Ticket 76491)
  • We fixed an issue where closing the current page and opening a new one from a microflow resulted in opening the previous page. (Tickets 66534, 76966, 79169)
  • We now show a consistency error when a Show page action has specializations configured and the default page does not accept a context parameter. (Ticket 70079)
  • We fixed an issue where non-persistable objects were attempted to be synchronized for offline apps. They are filtered out now. In addition, suppport for committing non-persistable objects in offline apps has been added. (Ticket 65805)
  • We fixed an issue in import mappings where is was not possible to pass the mapping argument to the microflow selected in the Call a Microflow method.
  • We fixed an issue in export mappings where mapping different specializations of an entity resulted in an error. (Ticket 76307)
  • We fixed an issue in XML import mappings where the mapping failed because find by key was used for a key that was the content of an XML node. (Ticket 76438)
  • We fixed an issue in the message definition editor where filtering expanded the tree so far that the Modeler could become unresponsive. (Ticket 77195)
  • We fixed an issue in the message definition editor where after changing the association, the Refresh button did not fix the consistency error. (Ticket 77187)
  • We fixed an issue where the debugger shortcut keys (for example, Alt+F6) were not working. (Ticket 78125)
  • We fixed an issue where the Mendix Console Log application was crashing while showing a dialog box.
  • We fixed an issue where re-ordering sub-widgets (for example, data grid columns) was more difficult than intended. (Ticket 77423)
  • We fixed an issue where an object which was initially auto-committed and then explicitly committed in a before-commit action was still treated as auto-committed one. (Ticket 78384)
  • We fixed an issue where the locales of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Yemen, and Myanmar used non-western digits. (Ticket 77676)
  • We fixed an issue where the Extract as sub-microflow functionality for loops with objects inside resulted in duplicated parameters and consistency errors. (Ticket 77673)
  • We fixed a unique constraint violation because of duplicate keys, because of incorrect client/server communication about objects when microflows are running in the background. (Ticket 78210, 78407, 78478, 78588, 78688, 79489)
  • We fixed an issue reported through the Mendix Forum where the Modeler window was not visible when used in multiple screen setups.

Deprecation Warnings

  • com.mendix.core.ICore is deprecated in the Java public API and will be removed in Mendix 8.

Known Issues

  • In some cases, while doing an error check, a progress bar starts loading and does not stop. This is a user interface problem, the error check itself is completed properly. (Ticket 69295)