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Release date: July 26th, 2017


Atlas-Based Apps

Other Fixes

  • The Map automatically button that generates domain model entities now always generates a mapping parameter in export mappings.

Known Issues

For known issues in this version, see Known Issues.


Release date: July 12th, 2017


Export Mappings

We introduced a new way of getting Mendix objects in export mappings: from parameter.

This has always been the default (unseen) value for the root element, but it can now be chosen anywhere in the mapping. As a result, the input to an export mapping may be a list of Mendix objects (whereas before, it always had to be a single Mendix object).


  • We fixed the ability to use a client certificate for a web or REST service that has a server certificate signed by a non-standard authority. (Tickets 52427, 52937)
  • We fixed the default sort order for drop-down search fields in grids to be the selected attribute path. (Ticket 53810)
  • We fixed the issue that occurred when a logout from a hybrid app would be stuck with a loader.
  • We fixed the exception that occurred during the creation of a web service user when project security was disabled. (Ticket 53128)
  • We now populate the Size attribute of file documents without commit events. (Ticket 54099)
  • We fixed the issue when a redirect from a normal index page to index-rtl (for right-to-left languages) failed.
  • We fixed the life cycle for widgets inside conditionally hidden containers (they were not being destroyed properly, which led to performance issues). (Ticket 53719)
  • When a conditionally visible widget was re-displayed, it displayed stale values. We fixed this for you. (Tickets 52466, 53719)
  • We fixed downloading FileDocuments (images) from S3, which also broke Mendix Cloud V4. (Ticket 54304)

Known Issues

For known issues in this version, see Desktop Modeler Known Issues.

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