This document describes known issues starting with Mendix version 7.0.2. For known issues in earlier Mendix versions, see the Desktop Modeler release notes.


For details on this release, see 7.3 release notes.


  • When you have a conditionally visible container that contains a conditionally visible widget, the widget is not always initialized properly.


For details on this release, see 7.2 release notes.


  • Changes for reference set members that are read-only for the user are not correctly serialized from the server to the client (browser). This can lead to an IllegalArgumentException with this message: “Global identifier should be a number.” (Ticket 52317)


For details on this release, see 7.1 release notes.


Advanced conditional visibility/editability known issues

  • Currently you can configure expression-based conditional visibilitity/editability on any element. But this will be ignored on elements outside of a data container: on data views, list views, and template grids. Note that you still cannot configure attribute-based conditions on such elements.

Other known issues

  • The offline functionality for mobile apps is broken.


For details on this release, see 7.0 release notes.


Stateless runtime known issues

  • The RuntimeStatistics page in the administration module is broken, as the System.Statistics entity is not created anymore. This was used for an earlier version of horizontal scalability and has become obsolete. In a future version, the System.Statistics entity will be removed from the System module, and the Administration.RuntimeStatistics page and the Administration.ViewStatistics microflow will be removed automatically from the Administration module.
  • Upgrading an anonymous user to a signed-in user does not transfer the session state yet.
  • Pages showing objects that contain accessible hashed string attributes with empty values are broken. You cannot call a microflow or open a different page. Please note that this is not easy to model, so you might not encounter this issue.
  • Hybrid apps will not start if they contain a reporting widget.
  • Offline hybrid apps are not supported yet.

Other known issues

  • Some users working on Windows 7 and 8.1 might experience issues during installation of the .NET Framework bundled with the Modeler installer. Installing .NET Framework from the official Microsoft website resolves these issues.
  • Upgrading an anonymous user to a signed-in user does not transfer the state yet.
  • In calculated attribute microflows, objects associated with $currentUser or $currentSession cannot be retrieved in the calculated microflow if the association has not been committed to the database.
  • When triggering multiple microflows from the client concurrently that commit the same new object, you might get a “duplicate key violation” exception. This is due to a race condition. Triggering the microflow again should not raise an exception again. You can avoid this issue by configuring a blocking progress bar for the button or by using the Disabled during action property.
  • In certain situations, OnChange microflows may not reflect changes done in the UI. Instead, an older version of the object will be used.
  • Disallowing concurrent execution of microflows in a multi-node cluster environment does not work. The feature still works on a single node.