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Story # Impact Description
615031, 610152 Low Fixed issue where the SDK would have very high CPU usage and throw timeouts for a reasonable amount of requests.
617263 Low The File API calls are accessible for working-copy members now.
610152 Low Improved parsing of model elements in the SDK for better performance.
614997 None Fixed internal-only test meta model, used for unit tests.


Story # Impact Description
600896 Low Various meta model updates for Mendix version 6.1.0 - see below.

The following changes are made per 600896 and pertain exclusively to models made with Mendix version 6.1.0 and above:

  • Introduced a new modelling construct SelectorDatabaseSource¬†for pages.
  • DatabaseConstraint cannot be created directly in a DatabaseSourceBase instance anymore. Instead, use the create method of DatabaseConstraint and assign the instance explicitly to a suitable container, i.e. databaseConstraints of either an instance of (a sub type of) DatabaseSourceBase or SelectorDatabaseSource.
  • These properties have been deleted, so should not be accessed on models with Mendix version 6.1.0 and above:
    • systemEntityType of both MsdMicroflow and MsdMicroflowParameter,
    • parameterTypeName of ExportMapping, and
    • allowSimpleMappingInheritance of OperationInfo.