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Impact Description
Minor Added support for Mendix 6.4.0
Low Working copies that are connected to sprintr projects can now be deployed and their runtime status can be requested
Low Unit-loading now has an extra optional forceRefresh option. If set, it will then bypass the Mendix MOdel SDK cache, and get the fresh unit straight from the source/server.
Minor All classes that could be useful for reflection on the model are now exposed through mendixmodelsdk, so imports from mendixmodelsdk/dist/sdk/internal/... should no longer be needed.
Minor Private members (starting with an underscore _) where not available in the docs but where available in the public typings and therefor in the IDE’s. This has been fixed. It should not ever be necessary to ever access these members. But if you did access them, you now need to access the object to any first before the typechecker allows you to access these members. The method allProperties() is now available on all structures for reflection purposes.