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Impact Description
Low  getFilePaths has been deprecated and renamed to getFiles.
Low Improved the typings of some (internal) APIs.
None Added support for Mendix 6.6.0.
None getFilePaths accepts an option objects which can define format (either zip or json), filter (glob pattern) and path (output filename if format is zip).
None Output filename is no longer mandatory for getFile / getFiles / exportMpk. If not provided, raw response is provided in the callback instead.
None Support for forcing full deployment. Deploying a working copy is functionality that’s not accessible to regular Model SDK users (i.e. non-trusted backends), so no impact.
None Fixed a bug with delete deltas not being sent while they should - this e.g. caused 2 translations to be created for the title text of a new page, with the translations having the same language code.
None More (complete) support for running model checks from the SDK: corrected implementation of check level groups, renamed hasPrefix standard library method for expressions (checks and queries) to startsWith.