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Note that Model SDK 2.6.1 and 2.6.2 have been skipped (and unpublished from NPM) because installing through NPM failed.

Impact Description
Fix Fixed Model SDK for published mendixmodelsdk NPM package missing dist/ and failing on npm install.
None Add support -that’s only accessible for trusted backend clients!- for providing a project-to-working copy mapping, locking/unlocking working copies and extra meta data regarding merge requests.
None Widened a parameter type in internal interfaces and classes to fix a problem with using the Model SDK in a Safari browser.
None Refactored MxCheck expression AST hierarchy.
None The Deploy API now returns an additional field startedFullDeployment which is false if the app was fast-deployed (and completed now), or true if a full deployment was needed and further status of the app can be polled through deployStatus calls.
None Exposed mergeState in the working copy meta data. Added loadWorkingCopyMetaData to SDK client to obtain it’s meta info without opening it. Exposed Version utility class.
None Fixed/extended SDK documentation for the sortIndex attribute of Module. (Ticket #466184)
None Replaced use of Grunt build system with npm.


Impact Description
None Support for Mx6.7.0.