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Story Impact Description
MS-317 Medium Removed projectId from IWorkingCopy, as it was never set. Use IWorkingCopy.metaData.projectId instead.
MS-377 Medium Added optional locktype parameter to the lockWorkingCopy method.
MS-359 None Added support for Modeler version 7.6.0.
MS-352 Low Fixed the initialization of default values.

The code snippet below is an example of what was broken in MS-352. The default value of layoutCall should be null, but it used to be (incorrectly) set to a new instance of LayoutCall. This is no longer the case, and it can be fixed by initializing layout.layoutCall to a new LayoutCall instance before assigning the layout property.

const layout = pages.Layout.createIn(this.module);
layout.layoutCall.layout = this.masterLayout;