Feature Release Calendar (MxWorld 2021)

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1 Introduction

At Mendix World on September 8th, 2021, the keynote from Mendix CTO Johan den Haan announced a number of features which Mendix is releasing. Many of these are available immediately, but some are planned for future release in the months following Mendix World 2021. This document contains the calendar of expected release dates for these features.

If you want to watch Johan’s keynote again, you can find it at Mendix World 2021 — you will need to register or have already registered for Mendix World 2021 to see this.

2 Feature Release Calendar

Johan divided the new features into ten major announcements, which are shown in the sections below.

Announcements are solutions platform, app services framework, end-user services and studio, control center, next-level front-end, page bot and machine learning toolkit, studio pro experience, data hub 2.0, intelligent automation, and hybrid cloud automation.

2.1 Solutions Platform

Feature Expected Release Date
Studio Pro IP protection & module APIs Dec 2021

2.2 App Services Framework

Feature Expected Release Date
Foundational APIs Private Beta: Dec 2021
Usage-based metering and billing Private Beta: Dec 2021
Supplier onboarding (including documentation) Private Beta: Dec 2021

2.3 End-User Services & Studio

Feature Expected Release Date
End-user services – app switcher Dec 2021
End-user services – notifications Mar 2022
End-user services – branding Mar 2022
Studio workflow templates Dec 2021
Studio expression editor GA

2.4 Control Center

Feature Expected Release Date
Dashboards showing insight into employees on the platform and activity around apps GA
Overview of cloud environments Currently in Public Beta
GA: Dec 2021
Control platform user onboarding experience Currently in Public Beta
GA: Dec 2021
Apply company branding to end-user services Mar 2022
Marketplace subscription dashboards Mar 2022
Self-service subscription management Jun 2022

2.5 Next-Level Front-End

Feature Expected Release Date
Atlas UI 3.0 with full design system support GA
Styling editor in Studio Pro Dec 2021
Multiple page parameters Dec 2021
Native mobile – nanoflow home page GA
Native mobile – over the air (OTA) updates Sep 2021 (enhancements in Q4 2021)
Native mobile – delete Dec 2021
Native mobile – simplified monitoring Mar 2022
Native mobile – file and image background sync Jun 2022
Data widgets – Gallery Sep 2021
Data widgets – Tree View Sep 2021
Data widgets – Tree Table Jun 2022
Data widgets – Spread Sheet Grid Jun 2022

2.6 Page Bot & Machine Learning Toolkit

Feature Expected Release Date
MxAssist Logic Bot improvements Oct 2021
MxAssist Performance Bot new best practices Sep 2021 (enhancements in Q4 2021)
MxAssist Page Bot Private Beta: Mar 2022
Machine learning toolkit Private Beta: Dec 2021

2.7 Studio Pro Experience

Feature Expected Release Date
Studio Pro modernization GA (enhancements in monthly releases)
Studio Pro dark theme Public Beta: Dec 2021

2.8 Data Hub 2.0

Feature Expected Release Date
External entity create and update (AKA write) Dec 2021
Connector framework (OData publish with microflows and Marketplace integration) Private Beta: Dec 2021
Business events and event broker Public Beta: Mar 2022

2.9 Intelligent Automation

Feature Component Expected Release Date
Workflow Currently in Public Beta
GA: Dec 2021
Smart app services integrated in workflows Email
Speech to Text (trial)
Text to Speech (trial)
Text Analytics (trial)
Translation (trial)
Sep 2021
Smart app services integrated in workflows Intelligent Document Service
Receipt Processing
Invoice Processing
MS Team Connector
Nov 2021
Smart app services integrated in workflows Speech to Text (try & buy)
Text to Speech (try & buy)
Text Analytics (try & buy)
Translation (try & buy)
General Purpose OCR
Dec 2021

2.10 Hybrid Cloud Automation

Feature Expected Release Date
New Mendix Cloud regions – Shanghai, Sydney, Montreal GA
Mendix for Private Cloud – automated installation and configuration of Mendix for Private Cloud on Kubernetes GA
Mendix for Private Cloud – built-in CI/CD Dec 2021 (enhancements in 2022)

2.11 Studio Pro Pluggability

Johan also announced the Studio Pro pluggability feature, for which we do not have a public release date yet.