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Version 5.1.1 is a patch release for 5.1.0 that contains the following fix:

  • Ticket 22162: Fixed an issue where access rules would be reset after editing a domain model.



  • The new sidebar toggle widget expands and collapses a sidebar of a layout container. With this widget, you can implement a hidden menu on the side like the one in popular apps like Facebook and Spotify.
  • The simple menu bar widget now supports vertical orientation. This is ideal for showing the menu in a sidebar that can be toggled.
  • Added keyboard support to the microflow editor: you can select activities with arrow key, edit properties with Enter and more. See https://docs.mendix.com/refguide5/microflows for a complete list of supported keyboard shortcuts.
  • Ticket 20163, 5952, 14117: The Modeler now generates Java proxies for microflows and constants. This means that you no longer have to use string constants when calling microflows or retrieving constant values from custom Java code. As a result, your Java code is more robust for changes to microflows and constants in the Modeler such as renames and deletions. Those changes will now cause compile errors in your Java code, requiring you to fix those errors before they become a problem later on.


  • Ticket 20401, 20432, 20433, 21187, 21335: Improved the conversion of Java source and libraries when Mendix 4 apps are converted to Mendix 5.
  • Ticket 21105: Now commonly used com.sun packages are exposed by the Java runtime environment (if available).
  • Ticket 17776, 14784: Allow dragging pages, document templates, microflows and Java actions from the project explorer into microflows to create the corresponding activities.
  • Allow dragging snippets and microflows from the project explorer onto pages to create snippet call widgets and microflow buttons, respectively.
  • Added Style property to Page and Layout in addition to Class. Removed Class property from Snippet.
  • Ticket 19244: Make sure that date columns shown in the data grid will be shown as date type in Excel as well.
  • Ticket 20713: The message you get when you do not have access to the Team Server mentions that you need to sign out and in if you changed your password.
  • Ticket 21685: The key F2 can be used to rename variables that are defined by microflow parameters and activities. Use Shift-F2 or just start typing to edit the caption of an activity.
  • Ticket 17025: When running a Web service on the producer side, also log the data sent out in addition to the received data, if trace logging is enabled.
  • Ticket 7710: Added a project setting to generate lower-case microflow variables instead of upper-case.


  • Ticket 21371: Fixed the bug that search field captions were not included in the batch translate/replace forms.
  • Ticket 21652: Do not generate a control bar for a data view, if it is not allowed.
  • Ticket 21098, 21456: Fixed double click not working a selection screen of a reference (set) selector.
  • Ticket 20487: Fixed flickering on iOS when opening a page.
  • Ticket 21371: In a grid, do not perform the default button action if the corresponding button is hidden because of page visibility.
  • Ticket 20716: Fixed conditional visibility of data grid control bar buttons.
  • Ticket 20789: Reset state of conditional formatting if there is no object to show in the data view.
  • Ticket 21657: Fixed the bug that an enumeration value in a microflow expression would not be updated when renaming the module in which the enumeration was defined.
  • Ticket 21033: Fixed the glitch where custom widgets jumped around the page (or even disappeared visually) in the Modeler.
  • Ticket 21912: Fixed off-by-one error when using drag and drop to reorder modules.
  • Fixed conditional visibility of data view control bar buttons.
  • Fixed memory leak in Modeler that would cause OutOfMemoryExceptions if you close and open projects often.
  • Fixed several exceptions reported through the Modeler feedback mechanism.