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Release date: June 26, 2015


New features

  • Microflow buttons are replaced with action buttons, which can directly open a page, call a microflow or do nothing. Action buttons that are configured to do nothing are intended for simplifying page sketching, and will cause a warning.


  • Automatically create space in a microflow for newly inserted elements. When inserting microflow elements in an existing (sequence) flow, the necessary space for this element is automatically created by pushing aside other microflow elements. This makes it easier to extend a microflow, because extra space does not need to be created manually by moving other elements out of the way before a new element is inserted.
  • Introduce automatic configuration of arguments passed to a microflow triggered from a widget (e.g. an on click microflow or a data source microflow). The arguments that will be passed to the microflow are deduced from the parameters of the selected microflow and the available objects.
  • Display a warning about a possible infinite commit loop caused by a ‘Commit’ microflow activity. This warning was already given when a ‘Change’ microflow activity might cause a commit loop. (Ticket 16828)
  • Improve double-to-decimal attribute type conversion speed and memory usage under PostgreSQL.
  • Editing a navigation list has been improved. You can now delete the last item, which will remove the whole widget. Copy/paste of items is fixed. And you can drag items from one navigation list to another.


  • Loading an XSD with an element with both minOccurs and maxOccurs set to zero would give an error. (Ticket 243560)
  • The Modeler no longer allows a Published AppService and a Published WebService to have the same name, to prevent exceptions on the consuming side. (Ticket 205728)
  • Float to decimal converter in Domain-to-XML mapping now writes non-scientific notation string to XML. This will represent double or decimal type in 20000000 instead of 2E+7. (Ticket 274331)
  • Improved XML exporter by removing element when entity is not set in the mapping, it does not have any children, and it is optional. (Ticket 274257)
  • Fixed conversions for older projects. (Ticket 205766)
  • Do not open a page when the user clicks a new/edit button with a target page to which the user does not have access. Do not open a page when the user clicks a list view item where the click action opens a page the user does not have access to.
  • Scroll to top in Internet Explorer when navigating to another page (Ticket 236156).
  • Fixed an exception appearing when going back from a page containing ReferenceSetSelector (Ticket 206517).
  • The tooltip texts of control bar buttons now appear in the batch replace and translate forms. (Ticket 204153)
  • Restore focus after page navigation if focused element is not present on the newly loaded page (Ticket 254775).
  • Disallow aggregates for grids that are not based on a database source. The aggregates are computed by the database and will not work for other data sources.

Known issues

  • When calling a microflow from a dataview using an image button the enclosing object is not passed correctly (fixed in 5.19)