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  • Column widths in pixels: in addition to percentages, the widths of table and data grid columns can now be specified in terms of pixels. When specifying widths in pixels, you can also use ‘auto’ for columns that should eat up the rest of the space. See https://docs.mendix.com/refguide5/data-grid and https://docs.mendix.com/refguide5/table
  • Multi-select in drop-down search fields: you can allow multiple items to be selected in a drop-down search field by setting the ‘Allow multi-select’ property to true. See https://docs.mendix.com/refguide5/drop-down-search-field
  • After starting the Business Server from the Modeler, show the application in a browser tab inside the Modeler itself. Also, the F9 shortcut key variants open the desired device home page inside the browser tab.
  • Find Usages of App Service actions throughout the project
  • File Documents (binaries) and Images can be sent and received with App Services.


  • Tickets 22552, 22259: A snippet can now be used in a context where a specialization of the entity of the snippet is available. For example, you can use a ‘Vehicle’ snippet in a data view based on ‘Car’.
  • Ticket 21160: Snippets can be dragged from the project explorer or connector onto snippet call widgets.
  • Ticket 21651: If a snippet call widget is in the context of an entity (e.g. a data view) and you create a snippet, the generated snippet will get the same entity as the data view and a table of labels and attribute widgets is created.


  • Ticket 21843: Fixed bug in runtime that occurred for some custom widgets.
  • Ticket 21099: Fixed popups not being shown on top after a close form / open form sequence.
  • Tickets 22218, 21436, 21435, 21481, 21770: Fixed an issue that prevented the runtime from starting.
  • Fixed compile error when converting a 4.x project without Java actions to 5.
  • Ticket 19731: Fixed incorrect merge of query results in case of data grids with fields of derived objects in a specific order.
  • Ticket 21771: Fixed incorrect recognition of location paths in constraints in access rules.
  • Ticket 22301: Fixed break event inside microflow loops.
  • Ticket 22500: Fixed redirect to correct profile in the phone and tablet preview when using a separate login page.
  • Fixed an issue where entities were generated with double attributes in an XML-to-domain mapping in some cases.
  • Ticket 22328, 22315: Fixed an issue where you could not select inner elements in an XML-to-domain mapping in some scenarios.