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Release date: September 29, 2015


Important Notes

  • Embedded dataviews with a Microflow Datasource are now refreshed when the parent dataview is refreshed. This is consistent with the way embedded Dataviews by association refresh.

New features

  • Make widget’s label linked to the corresponding widget (using “for” HTML attribute), so that browsers and screen readers can recognize that the label is describing the widget.


  • The microflow editor now shows an orange border around selected objects, in addition to the resize handles that were already visible.
  • Highlighting of used variables in the microflow editor has been improved. Previously, a blue border was shown for objects of which the output variable was used in the selection and a green border for objects that used variables defined in the selection. Now, the name of variables used in the selection are highlighted in blue, and a green label with the text ‘Usage’ is displayed above objects that use a variable defined in the selection. See also Microflow Variable Usages
  • Improved OData performance for big data by increasing the streaming size on the server side.
  • Improve input mask usability and fix it in IE. (Tickets 303405, 101155, 102865, 202968, 203803)
  • MySQL 5.6 and MariaDB 10.0 are now officially supported.


  • Fix limited navigation depth on Windows Phone resulting in a never ending progress indicator. (Ticket 353853)
  • Fix “Unable to get property ‘getFocusStack’” exception occurring under specific circumstances. (Ticket 380284)
  • Fix calculation of aggregates for attribute paths containing self references. (Ticket 204663)
  • Fix issue where widgets not inheriting from mxui.widget._WidgetBase were not destroyed properly. (Ticket 317420)
  • Fix the rendering of attributes over a reference set in a grid column of grids with an association source. (Ticket 400552)
  • Fix keyboard support for Edge.
  • Fix position and styling of validation message for file manager and image uploader.
  • Reset the value of file input widgets on Edge when displaying another entity.
  • Prevent unnecessary appearing scrollbar for top-level widget (Ticket 396146).
  • Only add table styling to a list view item if list view is used on a select page.
  • Fixed issue where entities specialized from System.FileDocument could not be exposed over an app service (Ticket 206205)
  • Fixed issue where session would get terminated after 10 minutes when retrieving OData result.
  • Value for ‘feed/entry/updated’ in OData atom xml is now set to 1-1-1970 when changedDate is not set or changedDate is empty (Ticket 356938). This allows PowerBI to consume Mendix OData without changedDate being set.