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  • Fix 22552, 22259: A snippet can now be used in a context where a specialization of the entity of the snippet is available. For example, you can use a ‘Vehicle’ snippet in a data view based on ‘Car’. (This was already introduced in 5.2.0 and then disabled again in 5.3.0 because it did not work in all cases. Now it is here to stay!)
  • Fix: Do not open HTML or XML files “inline” but offer them as an “attachment” for downloading so they can be saved to disk and opened from there.
  • FIX CC0000000100358: Fixed order of popups when opening a popup after showing a progress bar.
  • Fix CC0000000100548: Solved performance issue in published web service call handling.
  • Fix: Allow RuntimePermission “getClassLoader” in the Java security policy. This enables using the Excel Importer App Store module in Mendix 5 when emulating cloud security.


  • Fix: Set correct execution thread for monitored actions. Solves the problem that session signout was delayed, which could cause the licensing limit to be exceeded.



  • Added support for deploying and running sandbox apps. Auto-commit and auto-deploy is performed when pressing the unified run button.
  • New Get Started tab with introduction video in the Modeler.
  • The list view has undergone several significant improvements. It now supports individually configurable templates for different specializations of the list view’s source entity. Additionally, the list view now allows editing. In conjunction, these features allow complex interfaces previously only attainable through use of the now-obsolete data view list custom widget. Please note that paging and searching is currently not possible in a list view with editability enabled.


  • If you run a project from the Modeler, the server will now try to reconnect to the database until there is a valid connection.
  • If you run a project from the Modeler, a user will now be blocked after three times incorrect passwords are given during login.
  • Extended the runtimestatistics M2EE API call response with a timestamp per request handler (lastrequest_timestamp) which indicates the last time a request was received on this handler. See https://docs.mendix.com/releasenotes/studio-pro/5.3 for more information.
  • Updated the menu bar of the Modeler with the new items “Launchpad” and “Developer Portal”.
  • Moved active configuration drop-down from toolbar to menu Run.
  • Switching layout in a page will now attempt to redistribute the contents of the page in the new layout. This should ease switching and reduce the risk of the page editor producing an invalid structure due to a change.
  • Improved new app wizard.


  • Fixed retrieving attributes of all inheriting objects between the superobject and the subobject if a query is executed on the supertype.
  • Fixed scheduled events with no interval set.
  • Tickets 22391, 22393: The Mendix object cache now allows an unlimited number of objects per session (previously: 3,000,000). In addition, all Java action types are automatically monitored and garbage collected, now including actions executed with a System context and asynchronous actions, as long as they are being executed using the Core.execute()/Core.executeAsync() API. See https://docs.mendix.com/refguide5/garbage-collection for more information about the object cache and garbage collection. NOTE: Projects using large numbers of non-persistent objects and/or using system contexts in Java are strongly recommended to upgrade to version 5.3 to ensure proper handling of these cases. As always, perform proper testing when upgrading your project before putting it in production.
  • Ticket 22094, CC0000000100104: Associated data grid cells are now correctly cleared when a change in row sequence replaces a full cell with an empty one.
  • Ticket CC0000000100108: Group separators are now correctly displayed in data grids when appropriate.
  • Ticket CC0000000100049: Fixed issue where IE8 crashed due to a MinHeight setting of 0.
  • The sidebar toggle now correctly removes the blocking overlay when navigating to a new page.
  • Ticket 22329: In some cases, children of XML elements could not be selected when importing a web service via the domain model editor.
  • Ticket 22694: In some cases, projects with app services could not be opened.
  • When converting a project from Mendix 4, members in a published WSDL operation were not selected anymore.