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  • Ticket 100548: Fixed a memory leak which would occur when executing actions in high-load situations.
  • Ticket 101058: Fixed an issue in the fast deployment feature in combination with version control operations.


Known issue

  • App service actions that point to a microflow which takes a List as input parameter are not supported in this release. For more information and a suggested workaround, please see List Parameters.


  • Added experimental option to update a running project instead of restarting it if only changes to pages, layouts or snippets were made. You can enable this option in the preferences dialog.
  • Labels can be rendered as headings. Labels have a new property RenderMode that is either ‘Normal’ or ‘H1’ through ‘H6’. The ‘Render mode’ property of the table cell is gone, instead they now have a ‘Cell type’ property that can be either ‘Normal’ () or ‘Header’ (). Cells that had render mode ‘Title’ will be converted to ‘Normal’ cells and any labels inside them get the render mode ‘H2’.
  • Added a new option ‘Single select and maintain’ for data grids and template grids.
  • Added JVM runtime permissions ‘getClassLoader’, ‘setContextClassLoader’ and ‘accessDeclaredMembers’, needed for third-party libraries, for example the one which is used by the Excel importer App Store module


  • Do not show ‘Preview’ and ‘Details’ buttons for blank app template.
  • In module security, the column that shows the page or microflow name has a fixed width and is frozen. Previously, if you had many module roles, the name column would become really narrow and could not be resized.
  • Ticket 21336: Fixed an issue where absolute paths were exported in module packages. This also fixes the fact that you were asked which Java action and proxy files to include when exporting a module package, even though these files should be handled automatically.
  • Fixed an issue where an error would occur when importing a Java action document package right into a newly created module.
  • Ticket 100839: Fixed an issue where the name of the project directory would not be correctly set when creating a new app.
  • Ticket 100726: Fixed error in the database synchronization phase on application startup.
  • Fixed resizing dialogs and popups in client.
  • Ticket 21965: Resize widgets in the data view regardless of whether it has a control bar.
  • Ticket 22383: Fixed an issue with duplication of entities when importing a Mendix Service Definition (.MSD)
  • Ticket 100182, 100266: When you consume an app service all relevant information in the domain model of the app service provider has been made available for the consumer; entities as well as associations and their cardinalities (Enumerations however are not yet supported.)
  • Ticket 100455: Fixed disappearance of entity in App Service domain model