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  • After having ‘Run’ the project once, Java compilation will be skipped in subsequent runs if there are no changes to relevant files. This can speedup running a project by a factor of two. You can enable this optimization in Edit > Preferences > Run optimizations.
  • Improvements to the configuration editor. See Project Explorer: Project > Settings > Configurations. The active configuration is indicated by a check mark now. The selected configuration can be activated with the new ‘Make active’ button. When creating a new configuration, it will be activated automatically. When duplicating a configuration, the duplicate will be activated automatically. When editing a configuration (and confirming with ‘OK’), the edited configuration will also be activated automatically.
  • When double clicking an error or find result for a menu item, not only the navigation editor is opened but also the correct tab page is activated and the item is focused.


  • Ticket 101321, 101342: Fixed a bug in Excel export relating to empty date values in associated objects.
  • Ticket 21659, 21370, 21681, 20731: Fixed security check so that it visits layouts, snippets and menu widgets. The security check is an approximation that can be very helpful but cannot handle complicated cases where you open a page from Java or you have role-based logic in a microflow. You can disable the security check at Project > Security > Check security.
  • Ticket 101176: Fixed an issue where consumed app services incorrectly appeared as changed after committing the project.
  • The ‘fast rerun’ feature now also works for situations where the Modeler runs inside a VM (e.g. Parallels/VMWare on a Mac) and the project is located on the file system of the host (e.g. the Mac). Note that it is still recommended for performance reasons that you store your projects on your own machine (and not on the network).
  • Fixed some issues that were reported through the Modeler feedback mechanism.