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  • Reverted changes to runtime session management that caused the garbage collector to not properly clean up Mendix objects.



  • Ticket 4704, 6901, 11784, 12403, 13013, 14989, 17193, 19771: Allow selecting multiple entities for dragging and deleting in the domain model editor.
    • Drag a selection rectangle to select multiple entities.
    • Use Ctrl+click to add or remove entities from the selection.
    • Use Ctrl+A to select all entities in the domain model.
    • Use Esc to discard the selection.
  • Ticket 20724: Speed up Java compilation in many cases.
  • Delete confirmation popups have changed slightly:
    • When you are deleting an element that is still used, you can search for usages by clicking the new ‘Find usages’ button.
    • When deleting a document that is still used, you get one confirmation dialog instead of two.
  • The class and style of a page are placed on a more suitable DOM node when displaying it in a popup.


  • Ticket 18082, 101442: Respect delete behavior when deleting auto-committed objects.
  • Ticket 21647, 21650: Fixed several issues where domain model changes did not immediately show up in other documents.
  • Ticket 100708: Non localized dates are now shown correctly in export.
  • Ticket 100612, 101047, 101167: Fixed several cases where the Mendix Cloud build would fail even though the Modeler would report no errors.
  • Ticket 101558, 101647: Fixed an issue with run optimizations enabled where the runtime would not start.
  • Ticket 101590: Fixed displayed shortcut key of ‘Edit caption’ context-menu item in microflow editor to Shift+F2.
  • Fixed some issues that were reported through the Modeler feedback mechanism.
  • Ticket 17972: In a data grid or template grid you can now search for a boolean in a referenced entity.
  • Fixed focus handling (tab key) in Internet Explorer 11.
  • Ticket 16563: Specializations did not display data in generalized grids in document templates.
  • Ticket 100655 - Mx531 webservice issue with inheritance, Mx incorrectly adds inheritance in the path as an urn