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  • The page/layout/snippet editors can now visualize for which page elements styling properties (Class, Style) are set. This feature can be enabled by clicking the new ‘Show styles’ button on the right of the toolbar.


  • 101596 Mx 5 IE popup issue
  • 16983 Mendix web service field validation not working at all
  • 19075 Runtime mail api broken in mendix 5
  • 22414 Java sourcecode not cleanup after removing feedback api appservice
  • 100266 AppService issue: Reference is different at consuming side then at the pubishing side
  • 100284 On change event on a textbox field doens’t trigger with a input mask like ‘99-99-9999’
  • 100459 Webservice: Optional fields are not optional in SoapUI
  • 100610 Object still editable after adjusting access rules
  • 100714 Incorrect field validation for large numbers with digit grouping
  • 101013 The 511 modeler no longer supports all w3c schemas
  • 101017 A number greater than 999,999.99 will result in an error
  • 101097 Error when starting model in Mx Version 5.4.1
  • 101142 App Services / Cloud Portal: Published App Services in 5.4.0 are broken.
  • 101587 Onchange with input mask doesn’t work in IE10
  • 101796 Upload of a second file results in IE11 to a never ending progress bar and opens a new tab in the browser
  • 101843 Appservice can be published which uses unsupported enums
  • 18480 Required fields for a webservice doesn’t work
  • 22443 App Services: Exported domain model contents doesn’t get updated.
  • 100926 Related collumns in a datagrid not visible in 5.2
  • 101019 New tab pages is opened in IE11 when uploading second file
  • 101038 Cannot commit sortindex module changes
  • 101080 532 modeler local deployment cpu 99%
  • 101110 App Services: Associated persistent entities of FileDocuments are transferred to consumer (domain model).
  • 101111 App Services: Entities of exported domain model of multiple modules overlap.
  • 101154 Webservice operation settings erased.
  • 101341 Select XSD elements does not contain a scrollbar.
  • 101466 Override page title
  • 101694 Modeler renders some weird internal statement in enum dropdown
  • 102426 Masked field with validation parameter failing in Internet Explorer
  • 102546 Upload document error
  • 102574 Monitoring cache gives error for 5.6.2 runtime
  • 100392 Modeler allows you to create a project with a comma in the name, and then throws an error when trying to open the file
  • 100479 Deleting appservice doesn’t delete java source code
  • 101762 Project with invalid file system characters are used for creating a project directory.
  • 101883 Modeler shows changes in modules when they are not there
  • 102295 Suggested project directory when opening project from team server is not sanitized
  • 14613 Validation exception in published webservice in mendix
  • 11258 Modeler should show where custom css classes or styles are used
  • 102412 Modeler WS bug: Parameter changes in a microflow are not properly refreshed in a published webservice