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  • 203019 Fixed an issue when a user wasn’t able to enter 0 in number/currency fields with empty default value.


Important Note

The start time configured for scheduled events was not interpreted correctly in cases where the time zone of the computer on which the scheduled event was created differed from the time zone of the server that runs the application. This was a consequence of the way in which the start time was stored. We fixed the issue and scheduled events now always start on the specified time.

When you open your project in the new release, we automatically try to convert the start time of your scheduled events to the time that you previously entered. However, due to time zone differences the new start times might not be correct. So be sure to double-check the start times of your scheduled events after converting your project. Tip: You can use the ‘Documents’ search option in ‘Find advanced’ (Ctrl+Shift+F) in the Modeler to search for all scheduled events in your project.


  • Tickets 6956 (partially), 7723, 12457 (partially), 16756, 18559, 21613 (partially): Add filter text box to the ‘Select Image’ dialog in the Modeler. You can now type to filter the list of images. Use the up/down arrow keys to select the desired image after filtering and Enter to confirm the selected image.
  • Ticket 16983: Incoming web service calls can now be fully validated against the WSDL (see the Settings tab of your published web service). NOTE: In the past there were some validations for primitive parameters, but those have been removed. We now validate the whole SOAP message. For older projects you explicitly have to turn this on in the settings for your published web service. For new published web services, it will be on by default.
  • Ticket 18694: Added support for “one-way” web services which can be called without expecting a response.
  • Ticket 19657: Added time-outs on web service calls.
  • Ticket 100857, 102768: Add the option to configure tool-tip texts (HTML ‘title’ attribute) on buttons and links in pages.
  • Ticket 102413: Model errors in Domain-to-XML mappings and XML-to-Domain mappings are more specific, especially if the underlying schema has changed.


  • Ticket 14441, 18925: Retrieve attributes of inherited objects per 1000 objects, to avoid database issues like ORA-01795 (Oracle) and database connection or memory problems if a large amount of objects is requested (Oracle, SQL Server). Retrieve data of associated objects per 1000 objects. Split SQL WHERE IN clause if amount of expressions is more than 1000 for Oracle, to solve ORA-01795: maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000.
  • Ticket 15751: Reference selector had a limit of 1000 items, causing objects linked to a value not contained by the selector to lose that link. The limit is removed.
  • Ticket 16939: Removed Runtime message regarding a missing dialect of the StAX implementation.
  • Ticket 17169: Fixed incorrect query optimization where in a specific case some columns were removed from the select clause of the query.
  • Ticket 17270: Fixed an issue where required associations of published web services were optional in the generated WSDL.
  • Ticket 17707: Fixed an issue where an an error would occur when calling a web service that returns an integer.
  • Ticket 19622: Fixed an issue where scheduled events would not start at the specified date and time. See the IMPORTANT NOTE above for more information.
  • Ticket 20551: Format number fields that have thousand separators configured when switching to another application using Alt-Tab.
  • Ticket 20992: Fixed an issue where renaming a published app service document in the Modeler did not update the tab title when the document was open.
  • Ticket 21939: Labels in DataViews which retrieve data over multiple associations now display correctly in IE8.
  • Ticket 22154: Fixed an issue where multiple pop-ups would be shown when clicking an object in a template grid that has the default button trigger set to single-click.
  • Ticket 22245: Applications using PhoneGap no longer request non-existing files causing the application to display errors.
  • Ticket 100165: Use ISO week of the year calculation for Oracle in case of the DATEPART(WEEK) expressions.
  • Ticket 100374: Fixed an issue where 1-to-1 relations appear as 1-to-many when consumed as web service operation.
  • Ticket 100458: Changed behavior when exporting XML (for the XML Export action and for Domain-to-XML Mappings), now you can no longer export a null value when nillable is false, it will throw an exception. In the past it would incorrectly generate an empty element.
  • Ticket 100459: Fixed an issue where optional fields in published web services were not optional in the generated WSDL.
  • Ticket 100461: Fixed an issue where web service call errors were inconsistent for different request body types.
  • Ticket 100748: Fixed an issue where optional parameters of published web services were not optional in the generated WSDL.
  • Ticket 100779: An on-change event for numeric inputs is now only fired if the value actually changed instead of always.
  • Ticket 100791: The Find Advanced > XPaths feature did not work as advertised. It can be used to search for specific XPath constraints, namely those that contain an ‘or’ operator with an association on both sides, or a ‘not’ function call with an association inside. However, not all XPaths matching these criteria were found.
  • Ticket 100824: Search inputs on grids now display a validation error for integers which are too large, instead of displaying an exception in the log.
  • Ticket 100834: Fixed an issue where some texts were not properly updated after changing the user language and refreshing the page.
  • Tickets 100849 and 101760: Fixed an issue where a run-time error would occur when removing items from a list that was retrieved by association.
  • Ticket 101120: Fixed an issue where app service calls created in Mendix 5.1.1 were not converted properly.
  • Ticket 101171: When creating a new project in the Modeler with a default language other than US English, the language was only applied when selecting the ‘Blank’ project template.
  • Ticket 101182: Grids with ‘Wait for search’ enabled no longer fail while loading.
  • Ticket 101207: Fixed an issue where importing an app service from an URL went wrong in some scenarios.
  • Ticket 101236: Fixed an issue where the Modeler kept reporting that the XML schema had changed even when that was not the case.
  • Ticket 101388: Fixed an issue where XPath predicates with only a Boolean function or a variable that evaluates to a Boolean value were ignored. On top of that, we now log invalid XPath constraint functions.
  • Ticket 101602: Default tabs with ‘Refresh on show’ enabled no longer set values twice, which caused microflows to be executed twice.
  • Ticket 101646: Fixed an issue where association metadata would be duplicated after database synchronization, resulting in problems when using e.g. the MxModelReflection app store module.
  • Ticket 102477: Fixed an issue where throwing an exception that derives from WebserviceException was not picked up correctly, resulting in an internal server error instead of in a SOAP fault.
  • Ticket 102708: Fixed an issue where updating the AppCloudServices module gave an exception in the Modeler.
  • Ticket 102717: Fixed an issue where empty integers, longs and floats are rendered as ‘0’ instead of as an empty value.
  • Show a proper error dialog when adding a file that is not a JPEG, GIF or PNG file in the image editor in the Modeler.
  • The project ID of feedback widgets in newly created projects is now correctly set.
  • When creating a new Team Server project from the Modeler, be more resilient if communication with the Team Server fails.
  • Fixed various exceptions that were reported through the Modeler feedback mechanism.