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Release date: October 10, 2014



Release date: September 29, 2014



  • Simplified automatically generated captions of microflow and java call actions, e.g. “Call ‘VerifyPassword’” becomes “VerifyPassword”.
  • Allow filtering the Team Server Apps on the start page by typing (part of) a name.
  • Better handling of network problems when creating a new Team Server project. When uploading to the Team Server fails, the project will still be in a usable (but unversioned) state, allowing the user to upload manually at a later stage when the network connection is restored.
  • Enable run optimizations by default.
  • Added the option to have a target ‘deploy’ in addition to ‘package’ for MxBuild (‘deploy’ corresponds to pressing F6 in the Modeler GUI).
  • Improved error message when entities with the same internal id are found.
  • Enumerations are supported in App Services.
  • Added button ‘Check All’ to both XML-to-domain and Domain-to-XML mapping schema element dialogs.
  • Added buttons ‘Uncheck All’ to both XML-to-domain and Domain-to-XML mapping schema element dialogs.
  • Added buttons ‘Expand All’, ‘Collapse All’, ‘Check All’, ‘Uncheck All’, to member selection dialog in published app services.
  • Added buttons ‘Collapse All’, ‘Check All’, ‘Uncheck All’, ‘Set All to Optional’, ‘Set All to Optional’ to WSDL member selection dialog in published web services.
  • Added button ‘Map attributes by name’ in the object mapping dialog in XML-to-Domain and Domain-to-XML mapping documents. When this button is pressed, the modeler automatically couples attributes that have not been filled yet to an XML value element with the same name.
  • Improved the error message that is shown when importing an XML schema causes an exception. The message now shows the offending element and value.
  • Ticket 100244: When importing a WSDL definition from a URL that requires authentication, a dialog will pop up asking for a username and password.
  • Re-size the ‘Select elements…’ dialog in mapping document to not show horizontal bar by default.


  • Ticket 100286: Fixed an issue where viewing the history for a specific document would not show all results when revisions containing changes were more than 25 revisions apart.
  • Ticket 101719: Fixed an issue with extracting microflows that could lead to an error when deploying the project.
  • Ticket 102905: Fixed an issue where a date picker with a custom format would complain about being editable, even when it was contained by a non-editable entity widget such as a data view.
  • Ticket 22481: Also include inherited attributes and associations in the MemberNames enum of generated java proxy classes. It’s now possible to refer to a member of a superclass via the subclass. If you later on remove the inheritance, you’ll get compile errors.
  • Ticket 22479: Always generate the entity name field in the Java proxy classes, also when the entity does not have any members.
  • Ticket 102592: Fixed an issue with the sort order of the last commit date in the branch manager. Also the list of branches is now sorted initially on descending date so that the most recently used branches are shown first.
  • Ticket 102051: Fixed a visual issue with the Run button. When another window was partially obscuring the green Run button in the toolbar, and then the Modeler window was activated again (for example by pressing alt+tab), sometimes a horizontal line would be drawn across the middle of the green button.
  • Ticket 102327: Fixed an issue where changes to the ‘Visible for’ roles of a page would be ignored when the ‘run optimizations’ option is enabled. The optimization that only the changed pages are written when re-running your project could result in incorrect behavior of pages that depend on the changed page.
  • Ticket 203152: Fixed the issue that the property ‘apply entity access’ of a microflow selected as target of a microflow call action was updated.
  • Ticket 21119: Make sure the unique validation rule is also checked in memory for a batch commits.
  • Ticket 203377: Make sure the correct context classloader is set during custom Java action execution.
  • Ticket 101617: Fixed interruption of asynchronous actions and fix the displayed duration of scheduled events.
  • Ticket 17170: Fixed ConcurrentModificationExceptions and incorrect mapping of OQL queries with associations in the ON part of a JOIN clause.
  • Ticket 101779: Prevent database locks while retrieving new auto number values during object creation.
  • Ticket 203059: Restored ‘Generate Entities’ button in XML-to-Domain mapping document.
  • Ticket 22601: Parameters were not updated in published web services in some cases.
  • Ticket 16932, 16933: Fixed an issue where choice elements were not generated correctly in Domain-to-XML documents. In the Domain-to-XML document, the path property of ‘(choice)’ elements and its children have been extended to include the ‘(choice)’ path step.
  • Ticket 100777: Numpad period key inserts a decimal separator in the number input.
  • Ticket 203291: Requests containing user passwords are no longer logged even if the log level is set to trace.
  • Fixed an issue where an error dialog could appear in the Modeler when signing in or doing anything Team Server related.
  • Fixed an issue where the Runtime would not properly restart when running locally using the Modeler if run optimizations were enabled and the Runtime was in a “broken” state, for example after an OutOfMemoryError had occurred.
  • Fixed an issue where an error dialog appeared when trying to copy or cut the search button of a grid.
  • Fixed the situation that the database entity administration is not completely updated if an entity is removed from the model.
  • Made sure you can’t inconsistently select attributes of an entity when that entity is used in an app service in multiple operations (both for input parameters and return type).
  • When saving an MSD file and the file has been locked by another program, an error dialog is now shown.
  • Undo now works correctly for App Services and web services.
  • App Services created in 5.7 and 5.8 no longer show consistency check to do one time conversion.
  • Renaming entity when it is used as return type in draft App Service now exports correctly in WSDL.
  • When importing a WSDL, messages about unsupported types were incomplete in some cases.
  • ‘Expand All’ button in XML mapping documents did not expand all nodes.
  • ‘Expand All’, ‘Collapse All’ buttons in XML mapping documents gave an exception when no web service operation or XML schema was selected.
  • Fixed an issue where only opening an app service call action caused the containing microflow to think it had changed.
  • We found issues with self-associations in App Services. They are disallowed for now and will be fixed in another release.
  • Published web services WSDL nested data member selections get lost in some cases when converting directly from Mendix 4.
  • Fixed an issue where an imported web service document that was created by the ‘Import web service/XML file…’ wizard in the domain model was not stored correctly in some cases.