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Release date: December 10, 2015



  • Fixed exceptions and incorrectly constructed queries around entities where the depth level of the specializations is more than two. (Ticket 463510)

Known Issues

  • Date pickers configured to edit non-localized date attributes will incorrectly compensate for localization and store the wrong value.


Release date: November 30, 2015


Migration from Mendix 5

To make migration easier, see Moving from 5 to 6.

New features

  • [BETA] Support for clustered runtimes. Allows running multiple runtime instances of the Runtime in order to achieve high availability and horizontal scalability. For detailed information about this feature see: Clustered Mendix Business Server.
  • [BETA] Offline device support. Properly configured Mendix applications are now available without internet access. For more information see: Offline
  • Amazon S3 server side encryption is now supported. It can be configured through the following custom setting: com.mendix.storage.s3.UseSSE. For more info see: Using Servcer Side Encryption
  • Added menu item Tools > Batch Update Layouts to quickly change the layouts of many pages. This is especially useful for pages that are still pointing to a layout that has the property ‘Use main placeholder for pop-ups’ set to ‘Yes’. You can limit the pages to update based on the way they are opened, for example, only update pages that are always opened in content.
  • Added a new default data source for list widgets which works both online as well as offline called “database data source”. The old “database data source” has been renamed to “XPath data source”.


  • Tightened the security in the Blank project template. Previously, every user could change the full name of all users in the system. Now, users can only change their own full name. (Ticket 314693)


  • Fixed an issue that a session was also reused when associated with a non-anonymous user. This would result in the session being associated to the previous user instead of the new user. This could only happen if the old cookie was still available in the browser. (Ticket 462855 & 463022)
  • The AppStore modules Model Reflection and Encryption have been upgraded to the new DX layouts. (Ticket 445657)
  • Fix an issue in data grid drop down search field allowing multiple values: deselecting the default value required two clicks instead of one.
  • Fix list views using a microflow data source. (Ticket 462867)
  • Resolved a crash that could occur during retrieval of the templates and sample apps when opening the ‘My Apps’ window.

Known issues

  • When synchronizing new objects with a virtual attribute from an offline profile, a runtime error will occur. This error will not affect functionality in any way but will appear in the logs.
  • The client history is reset whenever a synchronization event occurs.
  • Sorting behavior in an offline enabled application may differ from sorting performed by the server.
  • In an offline-enabled application, displaying both the specialization and generalization on an inheritance construction may result in erratic behavior.
  • While running an application in an offline device profile without an active internet connection, pages containing a report pane will trigger an exception when opened. As long as the device has an active internet connection this will not occur. 
  • Queries involving entities with more than 3 levels of inheritance may be constructed incorrectly. This issue is solved in version 6.0.1.
  • Date pickers configured to edit non-localized date attributes will incorrectly compensate for localization and store the wrong value. 

Removed features

  • Java 7 support has been dropped.
  • Dropped support for PostgreSQL 8.4 and 9.0 and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 databases.
  • All projects have the feature page templates enabled. The project setting for enabling and disabling it is gone. The value ‘Yes’ for the property ‘Use main placeholder for pop-ups’ is not allowed anymore. See the following article for more information on this property: https://www.mendix.com/blog/feature-find-page-open-locations/ The value ‘Yes’ for the property ‘Apply context’ and non-empty values for the property ‘Remove from context’ are no longer supported. Constraining which objects appear in a grid or reference selector can be done by following associations or using XPath instead.
  • The following methods and classes in the Runtime API have been deleted as a consequence of their deprecations:
    • IContext: getCurrentObjectType, getCurrentGUID, getActionList, getRequestId
    • (I)Core: removeAsync, rollbackAsync, rollback (with IMendixIdentifier), getMode, Mode (enum), remove, isSubClassOf(String, Int), getSystemContext, getNumberOfConcurrentUsers, login (2x) and initializeSession (with IContext)
    • Configuration: getDTAPMode
    • MxRuntimeImpl: getMode
    • MendixObjectReference: getReferenceType, isBoth
    • MendixObjectReferenceSet: getAddedIds, getRemovedIds, getReferenceType, contains, remove, isBoth
    • IMendixIdentifier: getObjectTypeHash, getGuid
    • ISession: getContext, getSudoContext
    • PDFExporter
    • IMetaAssociation: AssociationCascadingDeletion (enum)
    • ReadOnlyList
  • Remove deprecated functions ‘importXmlStream’ from public API, it is suggested for the java action users to use ‘importXmlStream’ with validation settings.
  • Dropped support for consumed appservices that were published with Mendix 5.09 or earlier versions.
  • Removed all deprecated classes and functions from the client from Mendix 4. For more information see the migration guide.

Deprecated features

  • The Float data type has been deprecated in favor of the Decimal data type.
  • Adding access rules for System.FileDocument and System.Image in the project security settings has been deprecated. Instead, create an entity that derives from FileDocument or Image and configure access rules there.
  • Deprecate integration functions ‘getDomainToXmlMappings’ and ‘getXmlToDomainMapping’ from public API. It is suggested for the java action users to use ‘getImportMappings’ and ‘getExportMapping’ instead.