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Release date: February 18, 2016



  • Fixed issue when association was not set correctly for choice specialization after pressing “Map automatically…” in Mapping Document. (Ticket 464336)
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to deploy draft app services (Ticket 464580)
  • Correctly handle multiple associations between two entities in consumed App Service. (Ticket 464579)
  • Fix an issue with the installer. The installer occasionally crashed on installing the Microsoft C++ redistributable. This issue is now resolved.


Release date: February 1, 2016


New features

  • Support for deployment to Cloud Foundry-based public, private and hybrid cloud stacks. The functionality can be found via the menu option “Run > Edit Cloud Foundry Settings”. More information: Cloud Foundry: Deploy
  • Added image upload functionality for offline pages.
  • Support sorting of reference selectors with database source.


  • Clicking the ‘Project Dashboard’ link in the ‘My Apps’ page or the menu bar of the Modeler now opens the Overview page of the project instead of the Capture page.
  • XML Schema document, Publish Web Service document, Consumed Web Service document, Import Mapping document, and Export Mapping document now have new icons.


  • XML type ‘Long’ is now represented with the ‘Long’ data type in the mapping document. Previously, this was ‘Integer” . (Ticket 463356)
  • Fixed issue where calling a webservice with message part encodings while using a simple mapping could result in an error about missing xsi namespace declaration. (Ticket 463808)
  • Fixed retrieval of child system associations on System.User. This caused an error if there are non-persistable entity types with system member ‘owner’ enabled. (Ticket 464177)
  • Fixed an issue where the ‘Equals’ expression of a Find or Filter list operation was not stored after switching from Find to Filter or vice versa. (Ticket 463208)
  • Fixed an issue when unnesessary network requests were triggered while loading a pages opened from a microflow.
  • Confirmation dialogs are modal once again. (Ticket 463453)
  • Fixed dynamic button captions using html escaping twice. (Ticket 463754, 445428 and 464396)
  • Fixed storage of non-localized date attributes as localized values. (Ticket 463938, 463994)
  • Fixed incorrect value of $currentDevicetype in the homepage microflow. (Ticket 463112, 463916)
  • Improved performance of applying conditional formatting. (Ticket 463801)