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Release date: March 3, 2016


New Features

  • Add a setting to the Cloud Foundry configuration to specify the buildpack to use when deploying your Mendix application to Cloud Foundry. This setting is updated in the Cloud Foundry app every time the app is deployed from the Modeler. When a custom buildpack is specified in an app that already exists in Cloud Foundry, you should update this buildpack setting in the Modeler to prevent it from being overwritten the next time the app is deployed.

Known issues

  • The PostgreSQL JDBC driver shipped with 6.3.1 contains a bug which may result in queries not being executed correctly. If you are running into this issue, you will see messages similar to this in the logs: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: prepared statement “S_16” does not exist. A patch will be released with Mendix 6.4.1


Release date: February 29, 2016



  • Multi-step attribute paths can now be used in attribute properties of custom widgets. (Ticket 253427)
  • The desktop home page is now opened after creating a new project.
  • Stand-alone new buttons can now create an object with an association to a surrounding data view or the caller of the page.
  • Improved the page load performance for specific pages opened from microflows, by reducing the number of network requests triggered.
  • When editing actions, the Modeler will now immediately ask for a page or microflow when switching to ‘Show a page’ or ‘Call a microflow’ respectively if no document is selected yet.
  • The documentation of microflows and constants is now added to their Java proxies. This makes it more convenient to use those proxies in your Java actions, as their documentation is now visible from within the IDE.
  • The Java class that is generated for a Java action now only has a comment block if the Java action has documentation.
  • The Mendix Version Selector now also detects Mendix Modeler versions that are installed in a non-default location. The default locations are (normally) C:\Program Files andC:\Program Files (x86), so if you install Mendix Modeler versions in a different location, those versions are now automatically detected as well.
  • The Mendix Version Selector now features an ‘Uninstall’ button that allows you to directly uninstall one or more Mendix Modeler versions.
  • Add an icon to the ‘Add breakpoint’ and ‘Remove breakpoint’ context-menu items of the microflow editor.


  • Fixed enumeration icons in hybrid apps not being shown. (Ticket 464002)
  • Fixed search string in list views not being escaped properly. (Ticket 463390)
  • Fixed clicks on the date picker being ignored on Windows Phone. (Ticket 463945)
  • Fixed an issue where content disappeared while scrolling on iOS. (Ticket 464701)
  • Fixed memory leak in the data view which caused a noticeable slowdown and could even crash the browser. (Ticket 464612)
  • Fixed an issue in Chrome 48 where the reference selector sometimes showed a validation message while the value had not been changed.
  • Fixed an issue where conditionally visible widgets could cause flickering of the page, a changing scroll position, or the scrollbar sometimes not appearing. (Ticket 463592)
  • Fixed retrieval of specialization over an association: a data grid over an association showing a specialization will only show objects of that specialization. (Ticket 463113)
  • In IE, when the server closes the connection while a request is still in flight, it will be retried once. This brings behavior more in line with other browsers. (Ticket 205291)
  • Upgraded the Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver version 4.0.2206 to version 4.2.6420. According to Microsoft this should fix, amongst others, “An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.” due to “Long-running single transactions, between the BEGIN TRAN and END TRAN statements.” (Ticket 464627)
  • Calling a webservice with message part encodings with validation turned on now leads to consistency error. (Ticket 463809)
  • Fixed issue when association was not set correctly for choice specialization after pressing “Map automatically…” in Mapping Document. (Ticket 464336)
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to deploy a draft app services. (Ticket 464580)
  • Correctly handle multiple associations between two entities in consumed App Service. (Ticket 464579)
  • Fixed an issue when mapping associations were not set correctly for ‘choice’ or ‘inheritance’ options. (Ticket 464752)
  • If a response of a webservice corresponds to a SimpleType in the response of a WSDL, the response was not parsed correctly. (Ticket 464107)
  • Fixed nullpointer exception when ClientQueryTimeout is set and a user has no rights to execute a query.
  • Show user friendly error message instead of a generic one in case of an export to Excel with too many rows.


  • The PostgreSQL JDBC driver has been upgraded from version 9.4-1201 to 9.4-1206.
  • At least Mendix Windows Service (Console) 4.3 is necessary to run Mendix 6.3 apps on premise. When upgrading an existing app to Mendix 6.3 with Mendix Service Console 4.3, please reinstall the Windows service.

Known issues

  • If the checkboxes ‘Store owner’ or ‘Store changedBy’ are checked for non-persistable entities, unexpected behavior can occur when running the app. For example, runtime errors like “‘System.owner’ is not a persistable association” or “‘System.changedBy’ is not a persistable association” may appear. The work-around for this problem is to uncheck these checkboxes. This problem is solved in Mendix 6.10.