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Release date: January 29th, 2018



  • We added support for the Enter key in the domain model.
  • We added authentication options for Published REST service. Now you can chose between No authentication and Basic authentication.
  • It is now possible to specify an HttpRequest object to the Import with mapping microflow action.
  • Moving documents is now possible through the context menu in Project Explorer. This is an alternative to dragging and dropping that can be more convenient in larger projects.
  • Multi-select in the Find results grid is now possible (so that you can copy the results to Excel, for example).
  • We upgraded the IANA time zone to the latest 2017a version, which is used for Azure.
  • To prevent potential “Index column size too large” errors, we now automatically add the ROW_FORMAT=DYNAMIC option to the CREATE TABLE statement for any MySQL or MariaDB database, which conforms to the following settings:
    • innodb_file_per_table = ON
    • innodb_large_prefix = ON
    • innodb_file_format = Barracuda


  • We added support for images over an association in offline apps. (Ticket 59400)
  • We fixed an issue where a reference selector did not attempt to refetch data when the data view object was rolled back. (Ticket 54672)
  • Custom widgets can now specify retrieval schemas for XPath queries. We fixed the parsing of references in such schemas. (Ticket 58704)
  • We fixed an issue where the search field over a reference on a data grid did not show all the available values. (Tickets 58579, 59803, 60132, 60243, 60257, 60436)
  • We fixed an issue where the New button for a data grid did not work when the association was many-to-many. (Ticket 50733)
  • When clicking Cancel in a data view that had a reference selector with a Constrained by path or with a self-reference, attempting to retrieve the constraints resulted in an error, as the object did not exist anymore. This is fixed now. (Ticket 43761, 56545)
  • We fixed an issue where Firefox’s default action check box became disabled while downloading a file using the FileManager widget. (Ticket 58892)
  • When a microflow had multiple actions with Refresh in client set for the same object, the client received multiple refreshes, resulting in redundant redraws, for example. We now only refresh objects once. (Ticket 59942)
  • When a file was downloaded that had an uncommitted value for the Name attribute in System.FileDocument, it was not used as the downloaded file name. This has been fixed. (Ticket 54697)
  • Reference search fields were using the same Constrained by paths as the grid they were a part of. Sadly, these constraints cannot be reused this way. Now, reference search fields do not take the Constrained by paths into account, so this will no longer result in broken constraints. (Ticket 48374)
  • We simplified data synchronization for applications. Previously, we tried to filter the data by analyzing your model, but as models get more complicated, this approach became complex as well. Now, all instances of entities used in offline applications will be synchronized to the local database. We fixed an issue where the Modeler crashed during deployment. (Ticket 60235)
  • We fixed an issue with JSON structure where clicking Format would delete backslashes.
  • We fixed an issue where heavy use of the REST Consume action resulted in an “Address already in use” error.
  • JSON structures do not support the characters :, |, or ^ in property names, so we added a validation message when you try to use them. (Ticket 59282)
  • We added a better consistency error message when the entity type is changed in an import mapping that is already used in a microflow.
  • We improved the user interface of JSON structures so that the screen does not flicker on slower machines.
  • We fixed the exception that occurred while deleting an object. (Tickets 55591, 59370)
  • We fixed the problem that prevented the deletion of an element of a reference set when it contained only one element. (Ticket 59100)
  • We fixed an issue that prevented users from running/debugging applications from Eclipse. (Tickets 59884, 60214, 60300, 60305)
  • When dragging a folder to another module causes a name duplication, the Desktop Modeler renames the moving document for you. However, it was forgetting to store that fact on disk. This has been fixed.
  • We fixed the problem where texts on pages were sometimes placed between angle brackets right after opening a project.
  • The pop-up calendar of the date picker widget was not focusable if the widget was inside a modal pop-up window, which prevented a date from being selected. We fixed that. We also corrected the focus behavior of the multi-select pop-up window when searching enumeration values in a data grid. (Tickets 60311, 60347, 60490)
  • When tabbing out of an editable data grid, the changed rows were not updated.
  • If two parameters in a text template were placed directly next to each other without any characters in between, the second parameter was not recognized correctly. (Ticket 59190)
  • When navigating back to a page with a data grid inside a non-default tab, the current value of the search field of that grid was not remembered correctly if the field was the attribute of an associated entity. We fixed this. (Tickets 59095, 60407)
  • When a text widget contained a caption with a parameter and was initially hidden due to conditional visibility settings, it displayed the incorrect value when the widget was made visible. We fixed this for you.
  • We fixed the wildcard search characters %, _, and \ in XPath and OQL. (Ticket 59346)
  • In the dialog box where you set the condition for visibility, attribute was spelled incorrectly. We fixed the spelling. (Ticket 53115)
  • We fixed an issue with zooming in/out in the microflow editor on 4K screens. (Tickets 50820, 54179)

Known Issues

  • In some situations, an object associated to another object cannot be committed during the execution of a before/after commit event, resulting in an error such as “Object of type ‘MyModule.MyEntity’ with guid ‘12345’ cannot be updated, as it does not exist anymore.” For example, consider two new objects A and B, wherein A (parent) is associated with B (child) and A has a before- or after-commit event. In this event, B will be changed and committed. If you then commit A, B will be marked as ‘autocommitting’. Because of this, committing B in the before- or after-commit event of A will fail, as it expects A to already exist in the database, which is not yet the case. (Tickets 59099, 59288)
  • List views are not cleared correctly when creating a building block or page template, because the list view templates are not removed. (Ticket 63507)
  • Users with non-administrative user roles with the permission to manage users are able to escalate their privileges. For more information on this vulnerability, see SSA-875726 Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in Mendix.
  • In offline apps, when using data sources with paths containing association(s), the entities referred to by the association might not be synchronized if they are not referred to anywhere else in the offline app. This can result in missing data. (Tickets 61768, 61916)
  • Editing in the domain model editor for a large project is slower compared to previous versions of the Desktop Modeler. (Tickets 61221, 61441, 61463, 61601)