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Release date: April 12th, 2019



  • We fixed an out-of-memory issue on cluster slaves caused by persistent session objects. (Ticket 80910)


Release date: December 20th, 2018



  • We fixed an issue where closing the current page and opening a new one from a microflow resulted in going to the previous page. (Tickets 66534, 76966)
  • We fixed an issue where clicking a microflow button twice was possible even if Disabled during action was set to true. (Ticket 76020)


Release date: December 11th, 2018


New Features

  • You can now configure the maximum number of concurrent connections for REST service calls and web service calls by adding http.client.MaxConnectionsPerRoute and http.client.MaxConnectionsTotal in your custom settings.
  • We upgraded our internal server Jetty to 9.4.12.


Release date: September 18th, 2018



  • We fixed an issue (introduced in Mendix 7.17) where users were removed in the case of concurrent login attempts in the same anonymous session. (Ticket 67964)
  • We fixed an issue where consistency errors remained visible in the Errors pane even when they had been fixed. This was also impacting Web Modeler users. (Ticket 68234)
  • We now use parameterized values for literals participating in data retrieval queries to make sure that databases can execute the same SQL statements more efficiently and with improved performance. This change might result in situations where the JDBC drivers for HSQLDB and IBM DB2 databases complain about numeric value out of range when a numeric attribute with a lower size data type is compared with a higher size data type. (Ticket 68083)
  • We fixed a bug where the Desktop Modeler complained about a “text already in occurrences.” (Ticket 68102)
  • We fixed an issue with creating branches from tags that was preventing the proper selection of a tagged version by constantly refreshing the dialog box.
  • We fixed a bug that caused performance degradation when adding entities to a reference set. (Tickets 67117, 67904, 67947, 68051, 65985)

Known Issues

  • Unpacking and opening project packages (.mpk files) does not work when double-clicking in Windows Explorer. (Ticket 68263)
  • There is a known issue with PostgreSQL support where transactions fail on the error “out of shared memory.” (Ticket 68224)
  • There is a known issue where string values are not implicitly converted to numerical values. Among others, this leads to errors during XML imports where entities have a numeric value as a key. (Ticket 69811)


Release date: August 28th, 2018

Productivity Improvements

  • We greatly reduced the time it takes Desktop Modeler to update the Errors in the project after you make a change. You can expect the check time to be well below a second now, which is a more than 10-fold win for bigger projects.
  • We improved the dialog box used to create new branch lines. It no longer fetches all tags before opening and the default has been switched to Main line.
  • The Select Ports dialog box now can be resized horizontally to make long names readable.

Show WSDL and XSD

In consumed web services and XML schemas, we added a Show button that shows the content of the WSDL or XML schema file that was imported.

Choose Not to Commit an Import Mapping

For import mappings in the import mapping action, call REST service action, and call web service action, you can now specify whether you want to commit the changes or not.

Align and Distribute Microflow Activities

You can now select several microflow activities and align them or distribute them evenly.

Java Action Parameter Categories

You can now group the parameters of Java actions into categories. This gives you a better overview in Java action calls, especially where there are many parameters.

New Features

  • It is now possible to use templates as the label of an input widget. This is based on an upvoted idea from Fabian Recktenwald submitted to the Mendix Ideas Forum. Nice one, Fabian!
  • We added support for using a private version control server in combination with a proxy server. If your private version control server is not behind the proxy server, you can make an exception for it in the Internet Options control panel (Connections > LAN settings > Advanced > Exceptions). (Tickets 57171, 59983)
  • In import and export mappings, we added an icon to the structure that you are mapping to, so you can easily see whether it comes from an imported web service, XML schema, JSON structure, or message definition.
  • In published REST services, you can now check a box called Enable CORS that will allow other websites to access your REST service.
  • We now support the creation of MYSQL databases through the Desktop Modeler. (Ticket 64894)
  • You are now able to access and edit associations from an entity details form. (Ticket 65040)


  • We have fixed an issue about the high DPI scaling of the Desktop Modeler Version Selector and removed the old splash screen. (Ticket 50101)
  • We fixed the Team Server connection issues that occurred after switching an account or changing your password. (Ticket 67205)
  • We fixed the issues with committing and updating that occurred after a timeout of an hour (the error details mentioned SvnOperationCanceledException). (Ticket 67735)
  • We fixed the behavior of the Team Server App drop-down menu so that it no longer closes when navigating with the keyboard. Also, the list of branches will not contain duplicates anymore.
  • We fixed an issue that occurred when opening a project that was created online. When syncing with the Web Modeler, the Desktop Modeler complained about there already being local changes. No more.
  • When a Create button was placed on a data grid with a specialization configured as an entity, the generalization would be instantiated instead. The button creates the correct entity again. (Ticket 67014)
  • Offline file synchronization can fail because of connection issues, and situations arose where the synchronization was not attempted again, which led to a partial synchronization. We fixed this by implementing a temporary upload, which will be discarded in case of a synchronization failure. (Ticket 64456)
  • When the default action on a grid on a select page was to select the item, this was not communicated properly to the corresponding reference selector. Instead, the reference was cleared. This and a similar issue with the (input) reference set selector were fixed. (Ticket 65193)
  • We fixed the issue causing the built-in admin user to retain old roles when a new role was selected in the Security configuration of the app project. (Ticket 65664)
  • We fixed a problem where using Microsoft Azure file storage caused the configured certificates not to be used anymore in Mendix. (Ticket 66176)
  • We updated our version of the Microsoft Azure Storage Library from 7.0.0 to 8.0.0.
  • We improved error handling in the interrupt-request admin action. A failure when logging a log message will still attempt interruption of the thread.
  • We upgraded the xerces.xercesImpl.jar library to version 2.12.
  • We fine-tuned the colors of microflow activities to give them more contrast. (Ticket 65699)
  • We fixed an issue where the default value was inserted every time for an AutoNumber attribute having no access rights. (Ticket 63071)
  • It is now possible to add variables to createXPathQuery in the Core Java API. (Ticket 67019)
  • We fixed an issue where sorting on the search field in a data grid resulted in a database exception. (Ticket 64852)
  • We fixed a bug in the behavior of COUNT on an attribute aggregate query. Previously, when a count on an attribute was defined along with other aggregate functions, count was always rendered as COUNT(*). As of this release, attribute-specific aggregate functions are always rendered in terms of an associated attribute. As this may change the result of the COUNT aggregate function in your application, a temporary custom property has been introduced called DataStorage.CountOnAttribute. Setting this property to False will allow you to fall back to the old COUNT behavior. We plan to remove the DataStorage.CountOnAttribute custom property in Mendix version 8.
  • We upgraded the HSQLDB (built-in database) driver version from 2.3.4 to 2.4.1.

Known Issues

  • There is a known issue where users in an application are deleted under specific circumstances. Anonymous users have to be enabled for this to occur, and we are investigating the root cause of this issue. (Ticket 67964)
  • There is a known issue with consistency error checking. In some cases, consistency errors remain shown in the Errors pane, even though they have been fixed. (Ticket 68234)
  • Unpacking and opening project packages (.mpk files) does not work when double-clicking in Windows Explorer. (Ticket 68263)
  • There is a known issue with PostgreSQL support where transactions fail on the error “out of shared memory.” (Ticket 68224)
  • There is a known issue where string values are not implicitly converted to numerical values. Among others, this leads to errors during XML imports where entities have a numeric value as a key. (Ticket 69811)