8.0 & Above

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These are Mendix Studio release notes for app projects built with Desktop Modeler/Studio Pro version 7.23 and above. The release notes include all minor versions, patches, and known issues.

For more information on the correlation between Mendix Studio and Desktop Modeler/Mendix Studio Pro versions, see Studio Ranges & Mendix Versions.


Upgrading from Mendix version 7 to 8

Mendix version 8 brings many improvements to the platform, however, this release contains changes that cannot be upgraded automatically using the regular Studio upgrade mechanism. This means that if you want to upgrade your existing app to Mendix version 8 can only do so in Studio Pro or by involving developers familiar with Studio Pro. For more information on upgrading to Mendix version 8, see the Upgrading to Mendix version 8 section in Studio Ranges & Mendix Versions and Moving from Desktop Modeler Version 7 to Studio Pro 8.

October 15th, 2019


  • Associations are now renamed automatically when you rename entities in the domain model. This makes the process of implementing changes to the domain model much easier and faster.

  • To improve the user experience, we made columns in the Checks panel sortable. Now you can sort the errors per error code, element, etc.

  • For better navigability, a homepage icon is displayed in a list of pages or microflows against a page/microflow that is set as a homepage in the Navigation Document:

October 4th, 2019

New Features


  • For better user experience you are now upgraded automatically from Mendix 8 beta versions to the latest Mendix 8 version instead of being upgraded to Mendix 8.0.0 General Availability version.

  • You can now use Name and Size attributes of an Image entity and a File entity in the microflow expressions and page editor data filters. This improvement allows you to build more powerful apps. For more information on Image and File entities, see the Types of Entities section in Domain Models.

  • To help you fix consistency errors faster, we implemented the following:

    • Added descriptions on how to fix errors CE0548 and CE0552 to documentation and added links to this documentation
    • Rewrote texts for errors CE1573 and CE1574 to make them clearer


  • We fixed an issue where an empty enumeration value crashed Studio. Now empty enumeration values are no longer allowed.

September 23rd, 2019

New Features

  • We introduced new types of entities in the domain model: an Image Entity and a File Entity:

    They will allow you to build more powerful apps with Studio. An image entity stores an image, and a file entity stores a file. For example, on pages, with the help of these entities end-users will be able to upload and/or download different files. For more information on entities and their types, see the Types of Entities section in Domain Models.

  • In the page editor toolbox, we added new widgets that use an image entity or a file entity: an Image Uploader and a File Manager. These widgets use an image entity (Image Uploader) or a file entity (File Manager) as their data source and allow end-users to upload and download images and files. For example, users can upload a picture for their profile or download a document stored in the app. For more information on properties of these widgets, see Image and File Widgets.

September 6th, 2019

New Features


  • We fixed an issue where the link to the release notes in the upgrade top-bar pointed to Studio Pro version 7 release notes instead of version 8.

August 30th, 2019


  • To prevent consistency errors and help you build your app even faster, it is now impossible to create two or more entities with the same name, or two or more associations with the same name. Also, an entity cannot have attributes with identical names. If you try to use the same name, it will get an underscore and a numeric postfix after its name. For example, if you already have an entity named Customer and try to create another entity with this name, it will get a name Customer_1. The next duplicate will be named Customer_2, etc.

  • To improve user experience for your end-users, the Date Picker widget has formatting options in its properties now. You can select between Date, Time, Date & Time, and Custom formats and see examples of how they will be displayed in the Format Example.

  • For better search results, the Toolbox supports additional search terms now. For example, if you type in Reference selector in the Toolbox search bar, the search result will give you the Drop Down widget, because previously Drop Down was called Reference Selector.

August 9th, 2019


  • To make the page editor more user-friendly, we unified column and layout widgets under new Structure category in Toolbox > Widgets. Now all widgets that provide structure to your page are located in one category:

  • You can now open Mendix Studio in the Chrome browser on Chromebooks.

  • You no longer need to download an app for view your app on a mobile device. You can scan a QR-code with your mobile device or open a link on your mobile browser.

August 2nd, 2019

New Features


  • To improve user experience, we added error codes to consistency errors in the Checks panel and improved Studio specific messages for a number of errors. You can navigate to the corresponding documentation (if available) by clicking the error code. Error codes will help you identify an error easily when asking about it in the Mendix Forum or when turning to Mendix Support.

  • To make the microflow editor more user-friendly, Exclusive split is now called Decision. The new name better illustrates what this element does: it makes a decision which flow a microflow should take depending on a condition.