9.0 & Above

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These are the Mendix Studio release notes for app projects built with Studio Pro version 9.0 and above. The release notes include all minor versions, patches, and known issues.

For more information on the correlation between Mendix Studio and Desktop Modeler/Mendix Studio Pro versions, see Studio Ranges & Mendix Versions.

For updates on the operational status of Studio as well as deployment features and other Mendix services, see Mendix Status.


April 14th, 2021


  • To give you more information on the app publishing process, we added a pop-up menu informing you when your app is being prepared for publication.


  • We fixed an issue where pages were not generated in App from a spreadsheet apps.

March 31st, 2021

New Features

  • We introduced a new visual language – workflows. Workflow is a visual language in Mendix Studios that allows you to build extendable processes. It is fully integrated with other visual languages, such as the microflow editor and page editor. Workflows is a visual way of expressing application logic and looks like a flow chart:

    • The Workflow editor comes with a brand-new expression editor for decision activities and due date conditions. The expression editor provides you the capabilities to write conditions using your app data, functions, mathematical and logical operations. It is easy to use and yet extremely expressive.
  • We added support for Studio Pro 9.0.5 – the GA version.

March 11th, 2021


  • We replaced references to App Store with references to the new Marketplace, for example, in the page editor toolbox. You can use the integrated search to discover and download widgets from the Marketplace.

February 25th, 2021


  • We overhauled Studio with a modern and clean design and fresh icons.
  • To improve the user experience, we added a clear message that appears when trying to open an app project with Studio disabled for it.

February 12th,2021


  • If Marketplace modules are added to your app project in Studio Pro, you can use the layouts of these modules. Previously this was not possible.

January 28th, 2021


  • We fixed an issue where you could open microflows from the System and Marketplace modules in Studio.

January 21st, 2021


  • We improved the design of Select dialog boxes for better user experience:

    Select Dialog Box
  • You no longer have to re-login after you were inactive for eight or more hours, Studio will keep you logged in automatically.


  • We fixed an issue where list views were not filled with data from external entities when you previewed or published your app.

January 13th, 2021


  • We are now using MendixSSO 2.3.0 for model versions above 8.12.5, which fixes the publishing issue in Studio.


December 22nd, 2020

Known Issues

  • Preview and Publish do not work in Studio for Mendix 9.0.2 Beta version.