Studio Version & Mendix Version Correlation

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1 Introduction

In Mendix Studio, you will be prompted to upgrade to the latest Mendix version whenever a new Mendix version becomes available. Next to that, Studio has its own version and will be upgraded automatically (for example, on a daily basis). This document explains how these two versions relate to each other and what you can do to make use of the latest greatest features of the Mendix Platform along with Studio.

The Mendix Studio version is the version of the Studio user interface.

The Mendix Studio Pro version is the version of the app project you are editing. A new Mendix version contains a new version of Mendix Studio Pro.

The Studio version and the Mendix version (Mendix Studio Pro version) can be viewed by clicking the info icon About in the top-right corner of Studio.

2 Upgrading to the Next Version

The Studio version is updated continuously (even daily), which will provide you with the latest user interface features for editing your app. However, when there is a new Mendix Studio Pro version, an orange top-bar is displayed, informing you that you can upgrade your app to the next version.

This means that when you upgrade, you upgrade your app to a new Mendix Studio Pro version. When you see the upgrade notification, you can either stay on the current version and continue working (although you might not have the newest Mendix Platform features and improvements), or you can upgrade to the newest version.

3 Postponing the Immediate Upgrade to the Next Version

Users on the business side and in IT who want to leverage both Studio and Studio Pro to collaborate on the same application may not want to upgrade right away (for example, because upgrading Studio Pro may not be desired until later).

Also, specific company policies may be in place for approving software upgrades.

The latest Studio version supports a range of recent Mendix Studio Pro versions. While we encourage users to upgrade to a new Mendix Studio Pro version as soon as possible, in many cases it is possible to postpone the upgrade and still make use of the latest Studio features.

Even when you are editing an app that does not have a range of recent Mendix Studio Pro versions, Studio in many cases will still be available for use. An older version of Studio will automatically be loaded when you open this project in Studio. This Studio version will not contain the latest Studio features, but it will still allow you to edit the app. For more information on the latest changes to Studio, see the Studio Release Notes.

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