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1 Introduction

Button widgets allow end-users to perform various actions, for example, saving changes or closing the current page:

The following categories and buttons are available in Mendix Studio as default widgets:

  • Buttons – buttons with general actions, such as opening or closing a page, calling a microflow, signing users out, opening a link:
    • Open Page
    • Call Microflow
    • Close Page
    • Sign Out
    • Open Link
  • Data Buttons – buttons that manipulate data and are used to create or delete an object, save or cancel changes:
    • Create Object
    • Save Changes
    • Delete Object
    • Cancel Changes
  • Workflow Buttons – buttons that are related to workflows and are used to call a workflow, complete or show a user task, show a workflow page:
    • Call Workflow
    • Complete Task
    • Show User Task
    • Show Workflow

2 Events Section

Properties in the Events section are partially preset for buttons listed above. They depend on the action a button performs. For example, if the button is supposed to open a page, the On Click Action in the Events section will be Page. However, you need to specify what page exactly the button will open.

For more information, see the Default Properties in the Events Section section.

For more information on the Events section and on click actions, see Events Section.

2.1 Default Properties in the Events Section

On Click Action in the Events section determines the action of the button.

You can find the list of default actions and properties that need to be configured in the table below:

Button Default Action Properties to be Configured
Open Page Page For Open Page you can configure the following properties:
  • Page
  • Create Object and Entity – if you want to create a new object and pass it as a context to the selected page, enable Create Object (disabled by default) and select an Entity.
For more information on these properties, see section the Create Object Option section in Events Section.
Call Microflow Microflow Microflow
Close Page Close Page None
Sign Out Sign Out None
Open Link Open Link For Open Link you need to configure the following properties:
  • Link Type (Default: Web)
  • Source (Default: Use literal value)
  • Url
For more information on these properties, see the Open Link Action section in Events Section.
Create Object Create Object Page and Entity
Save Changes Save Changes None
Delete Object Delete Object None
Cancel Changes Cancel Changes None
Call Workflow Call Workflow Workflow
Complete Task Complete Task Task
Show User Task Show Task Page None
Show Workflow Show Workflow Page Admin Page

3 General Section

Properties available in the General section are described in the table below.

Property Description
Caption Defines the text that will be shown on the button. Buttons have preset captions depending on the action they perform.
Icon Determines the icon that will be shown in front of the caption of the button.
Render Mode Defines the way the button will be shown to the end-user. Possible options are the following:
  • Button (default) – the widget will be rendered as a button
  • Link – the widget will be rendered as a hyperlink
Style Applies a predefined styling to the button. Possible options are the following:
  • Default (default for all buttons except Save Changes)
  • Inverse
  • Primary
  • Info
  • Success (default for the Save Changes button)
  • Warning
  • Danger
The color for each style depends on your settings in the Theme Customizer. For details, see Theme Customizer.

4 Conditional Visibility

Conditional visibility allows you to hide a widget from a page unless the certain conditions are met.

For information on the Conditional Visibility section and its properties, see Conditional Visibility Section.

5 Design Section

For information on the Design section and its properties, see Design Section.

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