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1 Introduction

Widget Overview contains information on Mendix Marketplace widgets and local widgets in your app. For more details on widgets, see Widgets.

2 Widget Overview in App Settings

App Settings contains Widget Overview – an overview of all Marketplace widgets and local widgets in your app.

The following types of widgets are included into the widget overview of the App Settings:

  • Marketplace widgets that are Studio approved, which are either, widgets that have been added by default when you created your app, or widgets you can download from the Marketplace to your app directly from Studio (for more information on widgets, see Widgets)
  • Local widgets – widgets created by users in Studio Pro (you can create local widgets yourself via Studio Pro, for more information, see Build pluggable web widgets)

In the App Settings the following columns are displayed:

Column Description
Name Contains the following information on the widget:
  • Widget icon
  • Name – the name of a single widget or the group of widgets
  • Version – the version of the widget installed in your app
  • Contributor’s name – the name of the contributor who uploaded widgets in the Marketplace
  • Number of widgets in a package (when applicable) with a drop-down listing the widget names
Support Level Indicates the level of Support for Marketplace content. It is determined by the content support category and the Service Level Agreement (SLA) the user possesses.
The following support categories can be displayed in this column:
  • Platform Support – Mendix supports all the content in this category when you are equipped with an Service Level Agreement (platformgold, or platinum) with Mendix. Content in this category is proactively incorporated into test cycles as part of our platform release management.
  • Community Support – content is provided as-is by members of our Community and support depends on the availability and effort of the owner.
For more information, see Marketplace Content Support.
Status Indicates if the update is available. Click Update Available to update the particular widget. When the widget is updated, the new version of this widget is displayed in the App Settings. Also, the widget is updated on all pages where it is used. Note You may have a situation that the new version properties differ from the old one, and you can get consistency errors when publishing. For details on errors, see Checks.
Delete button Deletes the widget from your app and from all pages where it was used.

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