Working with Data

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1 Introduction

In Mendix Studio, you work with data in various ways. For example, you create your own data and use it on pages and in microflows; you can start an app uploading your data from a spreadsheet, or use data from other apps in your organization.

Using data in Studio can be divided into the following:

  • Working with your own data – working with the data that you have created.
    • Creating and managing data in the domain model – the domain model is a visual editor where you work with data. The domain model is a data model that describes the information in your application domain in an abstract way. It is central to the architecture of your application. For more information on the domain model and how to work with it, see Domain Model.
    • Starting with your own data – with Studio, you can also build an app starting with your own data. To do that, you need to use the App from a spreadsheet app template where you can import a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Data from the spreadsheet will be automatically converted to entities, attributes, and associations. For more information on the App from a spreadsheet, see Starting With Your Own Data.
  • Working with external data – if your organization has a Data Hub license, you can connect external data from other apps in your organization to your app and use this data locally. For more information, see Data Hub in Studio.
  • Showing and controlling data – you can show data through pages, and control what data to retrieve and show through microflows and pages. With microflows, you can retrieve object/list of objects. On pages, you can show data using data containers (data view, list view, or data grid) and other widgets on pages. Finally, you can control what data is shown on pages and microflows using data filters.

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