Using Workflows in Apps with Mendix Version 9.6

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1 Introduction

Workflows were introduced as a Beta functionality in Mendix version 9.0. for Mendix Studio and Mendix Studio Pro. Workflows are still a Beta feature, but we are introducing significant changes to the functionality. For more information on what Beta feature means, see Mendix Beta.

During the last months we have collected very valuable feedback and are now incorporating some of the major changes into an improved version of workflows before we release it to production. To bring these changes to our community as quickly as possible, we have to temporarily disable the workflow editor for apps with Mendix version 9.6 in Studio.

However, you can still use workflows in Studio and Studio Pro. Below we provide some guidance to help you pick the right Mendix version based on the purpose of the app.

2 Exploring the Workflow Functionality

You can try workflows out and explore their functionality in an app that is not meant to go in production.

If you want to just try workflows out and do not plan to publish the app to production, we recommend creating an app with Mendix version 9.5. In this version, workflows are available in Studio and you can build processes and explore the feature.

To create an app with Mendix version 9.5, do the following:

  1. In the Developer Portal, click Create App.
  2. Choose any app template. Some templates like Approval App and Purchase Request already have predefined workflows and pages.
  3. Click Advanced settings and select Template version Studio Pro 9.5.1.
  4. Click Select This Template.
  5. Name your app, choose a background color and an icon, and click Create App.

3 Building an App with the Workflow Functionality in Mendix 9.6

Next to just exploring the functionality, you can also build an app in Studio that will later be published to production.

You can start building an app with Mendix version 9.5 in Studio and manually migrate your app to Mendix version 9.6 via Mendix Studio Pro. Afterwards, you can continue working on workflows in Studio Pro until workflows are available in Studio again. For more information on how to migrate the app, see Migrate Workflow Apps to Mendix 9.6.

4 Building an App Together with Studio Pro Developers in Mendix 9.6

If your team is building a workflow app with Mendix version 9.6, you can work on workflows only in Studio Pro until workflows are available in Studio again. You can work in Studio on any other functionality in your app.