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1 Introduction

This document describes a Decision in Mendix Studio.

A decision is an element based on a condition and follows one and only one of the outgoing flows. For example, you need to use a decision to show different order forms for the customers with different grades, or to prevent a blocked customer from making orders.

2 Condition

There are two ways to configure a condition for the decision:

2.1 Configuring the Condition with Variables or Attributes

The following elements can be used as a decision condition in the Variable/Attributes tab:

  • Variable with Boolean data type
  • Variable with enumeration data type
  • Attribute of Boolean type
  • Attribute of enumeration type

2.2 Configuring the Condition with an Expression

You can also configure the condition by writing the expression. For more information, see Microflow Expressions.

3 Cases

The number of available cases depends on the selected Condition.

For the Boolean type of the parameter or attribute, two values are possible: true and false.

The number of cases available for the enumeration type depends on the corresponding enumeration constants/values. There is also the empty case available for enumeration. If the enumeration parameter or attribute of an object is unassigned, the sequence flow with the caption (empty) is followed.

4 Caption

The caption describes what happens in this element.

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