Microflow Expressions

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1 Introduction

This document describes microflow expressions in Mendix Studio. Expressions can be used to create or change an object or a variable based on logic.

The Expression tab is available for the following activities in a microflow:

For more information on setting and changing values for microflow activities, see How to Set & Change a Value for Different Activities in the Microflows.

2 Writing an Expression

There are two ways of writing an expression:

  • Using suggestions
  • Writing expressions manually

If an error appears in the expression, hints with an explanation will be displayed.

2.1 Writing an Expression Using Suggestions

When you start typing your expression, a list of suggestions appears divided into the following categories:

  • Suggestions from your microflow – variables or attributes that you have created or retrieved in your microflow
  • Enumeration values – values of enumeration type of attributes that can be used in an expression
  • Keywords – key phrases or words that you can use in an expression
  • Booleans – true or false expressions
  • Operators – code elements that perform logical or mathematical operations. You can use Boolean or relational expressions (for more information, see the Expression Types section below)

To write an expression using suggestions, do the following:

  1. Browse through the list of suggestions and select the element for your expression with a mouse or a keyboard.
  2. Select an element from the list.
  3. Click Add when the expression is completed.

2.2 Writing an Expression Manually

If you want to write the expression manually, pay attention to the following:

  • Variables in the microflow can be called in an expression by inserting the dollar sign followed by the name of the variable. For example, $Customer refers to the variable Customer
  • Attributes and associations of object variables are accessed using a slash. For example, $Customer/Name, $Customer/Grade refer to the attributes Name and Grade of the entity Customer
  • Unary, Boolean, and relational types of expressions are available in Studio (for more information, see the Expression Types section)

3 Expression Examples

Below are two examples that illustrate how expressions can be used.

3.1 Example 1

You have a Decision and you want to write an expression that checks whether the customer grade is gold and the price of the order is more than 100 (you can configure a discount after the Decision that is allowed if this expression is true):

The expression will look the following way:

3.2 Example 2

You add a Decision to check if an object (in the example below the object is Customer) exists. And you also check if the Customer’s name matches a particular one (in the example below Customer’s name is Mendix). The expression will look the following way:

4 Expression Types

A list of the operators you can use in expressions in Studio can be found below:

4.1 Relational Expressions

4.2 Boolean Expressions

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