Theme Customizer

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1 Introduction

The Theme Customizer is a tool that helps you customize your app in Mendix Studio. For example, you can adjust colors, upload logo, change text style, thus making your app look the way you want.

Default Style vs. Customized Style

To open the Theme Customizer, click the paintbrush icon at the left menu bar.

Theme Customizer Icon

The Theme Customizer is divided into two panes:

At the bottom of the Theme Customizer you can see two buttons with following functions:

  • Reset Style – click it to reset changes and restore the values that were there when you opened the Theme Customizer (but you can’t reset changes once you have clicked Apply Style)
  • Apply Style – click it to save changes

2 Settings Pane

In Settings you can change the way your app looks. The changes that you can make using the Settings pane are described in the table below.

Section Description
Upload Logo You can upload a picture that will be used as a logo in your app. You can upload images with extensions png, jpg, jpeg, gif, svg.
Once the logo is uploaded, its colors will appear in the drop-down window for adjusting colors of such elements as buttons, text, top and side bars in the Theme Customizer. Thus, you can select colors from Logo Colors to make your app the same style as your logo. For more information, see Adjusting Colors.
Brand Colors In this section you can choose the main colors of your app (mostly used for buttons).
UI Customization In this section, you can adjust the style and color of the main UI elements:
  • Topbar
  • Sidebar
  • Backgrounds
Typography Use this section to override the text styles and text colors for your app.

3 Preview Pane

Preview allows you to get an impression of how your changes will look like in the app.

4 Performing Basic Functions in the Theme Customizer

To upload the logo, do the following:

  1. Open the Theme Customizer.
  2. In the Upload Logo section, click Select File.

    Uploading Your Logo

  3. In the dialog window, select the picture you want to use as logo.

  4. The selected picture is uploaded and shown in the Preview.

    Previewing Your Logo

  5. Click Apply Style to save changes.

4.2 Adjusting Colors

You can override the default colors of different elements in your app. You can change the colors of the elements that have a color palette in the drop-down window.

To change the color, do the following:

  1. In Brand Colors, UI Customization or Typography sections, select the element you want to change.
  2. Click this element and select color by clicking on the palette, filling out the code of the color, or selecting the color from Brand Colors and Logo Colors (only available when you upload a logo, for more information, see Uploading a Logo).

    Brand Colors and Logo Colors

  3. See the result in the Preview.

  4. Click Apply Style to save changes.

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