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1 Introduction

Via the Buzz tab, you can collaborate on your app with team members – leave comments or create feedback items on pages, microflows, the domain model, or a navigation document. With such in-context commenting it is easy to communicate clearly and plan your future work.

Comments from Studio Buzz are automatically posted in App Buzz in the Developer Portal giving your team members an opportunity to respond to comments both in Studio and the Developer Portal.

2 Leaving and Editing Comments

To leave a comment, navigate to the Buzz tab, write your comment, and click Post:

Posting a Comment

To tag a person by their name, use @.

To edit a comment, do the following:

  1. Open a page, microflow, the domain model, or the navigation document the comment refers to.

  2. Open the Buzz tab and click the comment.

  3. Click the edit icon and change the comment.

  4. Click Save.

2 Viewing App Buzz

Your comments are posted and shown in the App Buzz in the Developer Portal. To view the App Buzz, click the ellipsis icon > View app buzz:

App Buzz

You will be automatically taken to the Developer Portal. For more information on the App Buzz, see the App Buzz section in Buzz.

3 Creating a Feedback Item

You can create a feedback item via the Buzz tab. Feedback items allow you to submit ideas, questions, or issues on the app, and let your team work on them in the Developer Portal.

In a thread in Studio Buzz, you and your team may conclude that the subject discussed needs more thorough refinement or needs to be postponed to be picked up in future sprints. In that case, a feedback item is a useful way to bring the item under attention of the product owner in the team. From there it can evolve into a story and be planned for a sprint. For more information on feedback items, see Feedback Management, especially the Adding a Feedback Item to Your Backlog section.

To create a feedback item, do the following:

  1. Click the posted comment. For more information on how to leave a comment, see the Leaving and Editing Comments section.

  2. Click the ellipsis icon and select Create Feedback Item:

    Creating Feedback Item

  3. In the Create feedback item dialog box, fill in the type of feedback, its title, and additional information if necessary.

    Create Feedback Item Dialog Box

  4. Click Create.

The feedback item is submitted and a corresponding comment is posted in the Buzz tab with a link to the Developer Portal:

Created Feedback Item

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