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1 Introduction

A Navigation Document in Mendix Studio shows a configured menu of your app in a form of a tree. You can create items and sub-items in your navigation.

To open the Navigation Document, click the corresponding icon in the left menu bar.

Navigation Document Icon

The Navigation Document consists of menu items that allow end-users navigate your app or that perform certain actions. For example, you can configure a menu item to open a specific page or to log an end-user out of their profile. For more information on actions you can assign to menu items, see the Events Section.

You can also add a sub-item to a menu item. Mind that you cannot assign an action to the menu item that has the sub-item.

2 Properties of Menu Items

Properties of the menu items consists of the following sections:

2.1 Events Section

You can choose the On Click Action in the Events section. The On Click Action defines what action is performed when the user clicks a menu item.

The available actions are described in the table below:

Action Description
Nothing No action is taken.
Page The specified page is opened.
Microflow The selected microflow is executed.
Save Changes Saves (commits) all changes made in the currently opened page and closes the page.
Cancel Changes Rolls back all changes made in the currently opened page and closes the page.
Close Page Closes the pop-up window (for pop-up pages) or navigates to the previously visited page. Note that this action will close the page and the changes if any will not be saved. Use Save Changes for this purpose.
Sign Out The current user is signed out of the app.
Open Link Triggers an action based on the link type:
  • Web – navigates to a website
  • Email – composes an email
  • Phone Call – starts a phone call
  • Text Message - sends a text message
Note When you configure Email, Phone Call or Message options, the corresponding default app will be opened on the device when the action is triggered, for example, the default email client will be opened to compose a message.

2.2 General

The properties that can be configured in the General section, are described in the table below.

Property Description Depends on
Caption Fill out the name of the menu item here. Nothing
Icon Set the icon for the menu item here. Nothing
Set As Homepage Allows you to set a page or a microflow that is opened/performed when an end-user opens the app. A homepage icon is displayed in a list of pages or microflows against a page/microflow that is set as a homepage. On Click Action, available only when a page or a microflow is selected as an On Click Action. For more information, see Events Section.

3 Creating a Menu Item

To create a new menu item, do the following:

  1. Click the Navigation Document icon in the left menu bar to open the Navigation.

  2. Click a plus at the bottom of the navigation tree to create a menu item, or click a plus next to the existing navigation item to create its sub-item

  1. Specify the properties of the created item if needed (For more information, see Properties of Menu Items).

A new menu item or a sub-item is added to the navigation.

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